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  • Plugin Author Jacob Schwartz


    Apologies – I didn’t notice this post.

    It looks like you’re referring to the creation of the content, which is done through the WP e-Commerce Settings->store settings page ->admin tab. The creation of the content is handled by WP e-Commerce, and the wp-e-commerce-style-email then allows you to style the email that goes around the content.

    Keep a look out over the next few months for an update to this plugin that will give you better control over the content than WP e-Commerce gives you.

    Hi, it would be very nice, if we can feed the style email contebt width for example:

    and so on – to get a good style in the purchase email and reports..

    i mean the possibility to put in each form field seperatly..

    Plugin Author Jacob Schwartz


    Hi Johann,

    This is something that I have been wanting to integrate into the plugin for a while. You may see it arrive in a version soon!



    Thanks a lot! – Very Cool!

    Hi, any update on that mightyturtle ? 🙂

    Plugin Author Jacob Schwartz


    Development is in progress. This update’s a big one in terms of added functionality, and I don’t want to release something half-baked. But it’s on it’s way!

    Cool news…just lets us now here when its done. Best regards, butcher.

    Plugin Author Jacob Schwartz


    The latest version is in late testing (I’d say it’s a 99%). It’s a big release, so I’m a little hesitant to release it just yet.

    Template hierarchy, content templating, all sorts of magic.

    You can help me by giving it a whirl! Have a look here:

    WordPress Plugin: WP e-Commerce Style Email



    I’m right on the fence and about to buy a paid plugin.

    I was wondering if your plugin allowed for non-form fields, as and SKU and other fields from the catalog that are NOT being included in the form submission.


    Plugin Author Jacob Schwartz


    Hi there,

    The development version of my plugin adds support for non-form fields and all sorts of product information for purchase lists – such as SKU, thumbnails, etc. It gives PHP access to a lot, if you’ve got those skills. But you don’t need to be a PHP coder to make good use of the plugin.

    To see what it’s capable of, use the sample theme files bundled with the plugin and you’ll have pretty good receipt emails.

    I hope that answers your question.



    Plugin Author Jacob Schwartz


    Version 0.6 of the plugin has just been released to the repository, adding support for these features.

    As I mentioned in my last message though, you’ll need to either create content template files, or copy from my sample theme folder, to see the benefits of the new functionality.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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