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  • Hi,

    The default sidebar is always called during the “products page” and the “checkout” pages, i.e. the shortcodes. I have tried to fiddle with the php code, but cannot find the exat area where the seemingly wrong test is made or it can be commented out. I am stuck in function “wpsc_products_page” in the theme.functions.php file in the wpsc-includes folder.

    The pages have been setup with “Full Width” in the Page Layout setup. It works fine for “Transaction” and “Results” but not the other two.

    See test mock-up on

    (one other thing -> how do I control the width of the products view? I would like to have the “checkout” part by about 25 px shorter).

    Thanks alot

    Br Alex

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  • Anyone? Just a simple pointer and I can probably make the php hack.

    (btw – using Dandelion theme. I am 99,7% sure that it is the plugin that calls the sidebar and not the theme. That is what the tests point to)

    Well – ok – I guess we have to call this error a feature 😀 I hope it will be changed in the next version

    Hej, Alex.

    I was able to override that sidebar area by going directly into the grid_view.css file and changing the width of the #grid_view_products_page_container div. (In my case, I was trying to get rid of the sidebar area on the main products page.)

    I think what you’re looking for is the #single_product_page_container div, whose width is specified in the wpsc-default.css file.

    Beautiful site, by the way.

    Held og lykke,

    thanks for that april, your hacked helped

    it looks like the sidebar IS being called, at least on the transactions page, which includes the check out as well.

    so, ya heres to hoping on the next version addressing that. A

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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