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  • I’m having two seperate issues with this plug in.

    The first issue, whenever a customer adds an item to their shopping cart, when they click checkout, they get an error saying they have nothing in their shopping cart. Happens with multiple items.

    The second issue I’m having is my pages go blank. Whenever I’m updating settings, it will take me to a blank page. Everything seems to update, but it’s frustrating that I have to keep clicking back in my browser to continue what I was doing.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the cart issue? That’s the major one.

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  • Do you have access to PHP error logs? Blank pages are generally caused by internal server errors / PHP errors.

    You may add the following line in your .htaccess file to show PHP errors if any:

    php_value display_errors 1

    Try that and see if you find something.

    As for products not getting to checkout stage:
    – Does it work with single items?
    – Does it work on another browser?
    – Are you using the latest version?


    Hello, I am having exactly the same issues! Did you find a solution?!
    Im going crazy with that….


    annebloom – I never got it to work, but I did manage to find a similar plug in that works great. I use this on my site now, as well as another site I developed.

    I’ve been using WP e-Commerce for about 5 years and each new product release has always had some bugs in the initial release but they eventually fix the items.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used simple paypal shopping cart and it works great for a really, really simple cart…but if you want multiple options and variations Wp e-Commerce is the closest to perfect that you’re going to get. The key is to know someone who knows how to find the bug and fix them.

    I’ve fixed almost 50 bugs in that past 5 years and my clients are always happy as clams!!

    I’m going to give you a full proof way to make sure your WP e-Commerce admin dashboard “always” works.

    Step 1: Totally remove the WP e-Commerce from your website, both by FTP and remove it from your MySql Database as pieces of code usually linger on within the database. Don’t load it back in just yet.

    Step 2: Enable either Twenty Ten or the new Twenty Eleven as they are very, very simple configured templates for WordPress.

    Step 3: Re-upload a clean and fresh copy of your WP e-Commerce plugin but do not enable it just yet.

    Step 4: Turn off all of your active plugin’s and then enable the WP e-Commerce plugin. (if you are using a Gold Cart extension to this plugin…do not enable it yet).

    Step 5: Now access your admin dashboard for the plugin and you should have a fully operating WP e-Commerce now. Best thing to do is configure your settings, then turn on Gold Cart and then turn one each of your other plugins one at a time as you may have another plugin that is not compatible to the ecommerce plugin.

    Final Step: If you’re eCommerce plugin is now working correctly….enable your Primary Theme at this time….what these steps will do is eliminate each item that may affect this plugin.

    Thanks again, RC

    Hey RC,
    Just wanted to let you know that I tried your suggestion of starting afresh, no plugins, simply theme and slowly turning things back on. Hey presto, it looks like it is the upgrade to the Mystique theme that kills my shop pages! Not great, as this means I need to try and find out why as I like the way it looks with this theme.
    Thanks for your step by step approach.
    Best wishes,


    Good to hear that the step by step approach helped and at least you know that you’ve narrowed it down to the actual theme. As I recall they developer of the theme has a forum that actually walks through a fix or at least I remember reading something about that.

    Thanks again for getting back to me K…really appreciate it.


    Thanks again RC,

    Have you ever used the wp e-Commerce plugin with Mystique? I’m having no luck getting any assistance from either digital nature or the getShopped folks. I’m a little stumped as to where to go from here. Now that I know that there is a problem with the theme, I have no idea how to fix it!! Any suggestions as to error checking or similar?


    I’ve never used this plugin with Mystique and as I recall its a free theme and I usually stay away from free theme’s because their code is not always W3C compliant which means there may be some php coding within the theme that is not written correctly…therefore its not compatible with this plugin.

    I can give you the quick and short answer…which you probably don’t want to hear but I’d say find another theme that at least is close or consistent with this theme and if possible use a premium theme not a free theme.

    The long answer….use Nirav Mehta’s suggestion above in this thread on how to get the php “error” and then fix those php errors and then you should be good to go. If that doesn’t work and you still want to use that theme you’ll have to hired someone to make that them compatible with the plugin….which can some cases….very expensive. I’m not suggesting this last part….I’m just making you aware that it could get expensive.

    Thanks again,


    Mmmm, I suspected as much. I’m not really well versed enough in PHP to properly debug the code, so I’d rather purchase a premium theme I think. Can you recommend one that will work well with the wp e-Commerce and Gold Cart plugins?
    Cheers & many thanks,

    Your welcome K,

    I prefer Elegant Themes, Genesis Framework, PageLines and if you have a little money Woo Themes(they’re quite expensive but work great). I like all of these because they allow me to customize the platform to get the design I’m looking for and they have some pretty nice designs right out of the box.

    Hope that helps….thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving.


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