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  • Resolved Eve Alexander


    OK. I goofed. I trashed the Country fields because it bothered me that country came before state. Now my shipping and billing sections on the site are merged together.

    How can I reset the out-of-box default checkout fields?

    I have the original zipped WP e-Commerce files but I don’t know which one to upload and replace.

    I promise I won’t mess with them again!

    Thank you!

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  • I love the way this plugin looks on the website. It’s exactly what my client wanted and easy enough for him to add his own products.

    According to the video at you can move the checkout fields around, even delete the ones you don’t want.

    So, I moved them around and now it doesn’t work! I’ve placed the fields back where they were and it looks fine in store settings but on the live site things are still out of order and transactions are not processing.

    Is there any way to set it back to the original default settings?

    Please please please help me soon!

    The easiest way to get the checkout fields back to default (As long as you don’t care about existing orders in there – e.g. if they’re just test orders etc.) is to:

    2. DELETE the database table wp_wpsc_checkout_forms from your DATABASE
    3. Deactivate the WP e-Commerce plugin
    4. Reactivate the WP e-Commerce plugin

    It will notice the table is missing, and create it with the default values.

    The bits in bold are important 🙂

    Lee you are so awesome – but if I do what you said, I’ll lose the products we’ve already entered, categories, settings, etc.

    I don’t understand why wp e-commerce has a video saying you can move those fields around.

    Do you think we should swallow the $40 and switch to a better cart?

    Lee you are an awesome giant of a genius!

    Thank you thank you thank you – fields are reset to original default.

    Glad you’re sorted.

    Does someone know how can I embed a “Formulario de Contacto 7(Contact Form7)”code into the bank deposit response field?
    please help with this 🙂

    Made the same mistake but not seeing the wp_wpsc_checkout_forms database file anywhere.

    They just did a recent update to the plugin and some major overhauls to the checkout form. I’m worried that this file no longer exists. Any advice on how to fix this? I’m on deadline and desperate for help.

    @nmoya – it’s not a “file” – it’s a database table.

    @nmoya maybe I can help you 🙂 my solution was to disable the plugin (both… contact form and e-commerce) after that search the bank deposit table on the myphpadmin and delete it. Finally activate the e-commerce plugin and everything was fixed. Of course, I recommend that before doing this, make a backup of everything(database, cpanel, wordpress, and all the xml files when you export your posts in wordpress).

    Worked, thank you.

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