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  • I just upgraded to the latest version (3.8.2) and am running the latest version of WordPress (3.1.2).

    It removed all my posts and pages. I have tried ‘refreshing’ (pressing save changes) the permalinks 2, 3, 4 times, it makes no difference.

    So I disable the plugin and then refresh permalinks several times again. Then I see my posts and pages return and are visible once again.

    Re-enable the plugin and refresh permalinks several times and posts and pages disappear.

    Is there a way to enable the WP e-Commerce plugin AND have my posts and pages remain visible?

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  • Anyone?

    I’ve updated to the latest version and it still wipes out all my posts and pages.

    Anyone else had any luck with solving this issue?

    The odd thing I have noticed is that if I don’t save the page after adding the short code, but instead “Preview” it, then it looks ok. It’s only after saving the page that it gets corrupted.

    Does that help anyone understand what is going wrong and how to get this plug in to stop destroying my website?

    try to use the hotfix plugin.
    use the default wp theme.
    check the post_type of your post and page make sure they are “post” or “page”

    Thanks very much for those suggestions owenworth22,

    I wasn’t aware of the Hotfix plugin, so I installed it and reactivated WP-Commerce. Unfortunately Hotfix had no effect and all the content was stripped from all pages again.

    I’ve not yet tried the default WP theme but will when there is less traffic to the site.

    I am attempting to use WP-Commerce on a page. I’m not sure how to check if the post_type. I did a search for it but was unable to find how you determine this. Can you please explain how to check post_type?

    Well, I tried it with the Twenty Eleven theme and WP-Commerce still wipes out all the content on the page.

    I’d love to try your third suggestion but don’t know how to. Can you please explain how to check post_type?

    So I tried deactivating ALL plugins except for WP-Commerce to see if I had a clashing of plugins.

    Still the same problem, all content stripped from the page – nothing but a blank white page.

    So I wondered if perhaps the shortcode that the plugin says to use is wrong.

    [wpsc_products category_url_name=’my-ebooks’]

    “my-ebooks” is the name of the category of products that contain just the ebooks I’ve written.

    I have no more ideas.

    Does anyone else?

    The third option is not necessary.

    The most common is the theme conflict. You can create a copy of your website either in your localhost or sub-domain and don’t play with your live site.

    Would you please explain the “wipes out” from the database or from the front end?

    How can it be theme conflict if the wp-ecommerce plugin doesn’t even work with the default Twenty Eleven theme???

    Even with the default theme AND all plugins de-activated (except the wp-ecommerce one) it still removes all content from the page.

    By “wipes out” I mean that all content from the page is removed by the activation of the plugin. Looking at the page there is no content in it. The sidebar is still there and it’s content is in tact but the body of the page is just a blank space.

    Hi there,

    I am experiencing the same problem after the installation of the latest version of wp e-commerce. my website is

    I am really desperate after several attempts to solve the issue which didnt work.

    Can anyone please help?

    I have the same problem with a new install of WP and wp-e-commerce (no other plugins) – all my posts disappear, you can see the intro text on the category page but when you click the read more link the post page is blank and the page title says “Products Page”

    SilverSunrise & Drain0, I would go with another solution like Zen Cart. There seems to be no fix for this. I’ve still not found a way of getting this plugin to work.

    I’ve been working with WP eCommerce for over 5 years and “ALL”of your are correct…the latest upgrade of the plugin has virtually shut down a lot of websites.

    My suggestion:

    1. Use the previous version as all the bugs have been removed from that version and it works great with every theme and has no conflict with any plugins any longer.

    2. Never, and I mean never upgrade a plugin for at least 3 to 6 months as plugin developers sometimes cannot possibly create the perfect plugin the first time out and I have found that waiting 3 to 6 months is always a safe bet.

    3. Always, and I mean always keep a backup of four components of your website….a. Core files, b. MySql Database, c. Theme files which should always include your custom CSS php file as well..and d. XML export file of your website by using the export function.

    I have wp ecommerce on 5 of my personal websites and I’ve created over 20 WP ecommerce sites in the past six months and none of my sites or their sites are experiencing any of these issues.

    This is free advice that comes from 10 years of designing websites and plugins…if you need any other help besides what I have posted here. I don’t work for free.

    Thanks again, Party on


    WP eCommerce Plugin version was the last “stable” version that I’m using which has NO Bugs any longer. This version also has the “mandatory security update” so be rest assured that its the most updated.

    I know this sounds horrible but any “newer” versions are a waste of time to add to your website as they’re too unstable and ruin your theme, pages, posts, menu’s, image loader and any number of other bugs.

    Don’t get me wrong I love the plugin but every once in a while they upgrade the version and for the life of me can’t understand why there are so many bugs…. will eventually be a good plugin but they have to fix a lot of bugs.

    Thanks, Party on…


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