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  • Plugin Version: 3.8

    I feel I must be missing something, but I have a product with variations. Its a shirt in sizes SM-XL and 5 colors, so this ends up with 25 variations. I’ve discovered that I need to enter the price first, and variations second.

    If I don’t do it that way, it seems I either have do disable the variation, set the price, and reapply, or change the price for each individually.

    Am I missing something.

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  • You can actually set the price for each variation then apply it retroactively to existing products that use the respective variation. It’s a pretty handy trick!

    Go to Variations, Edit your desired Variation, Set Price (read the inline help for another cool trick) and check “Apply to current variations”.

    Assuming you have 20 shirts in your inventory, all of them contain the M size, and you just updated the variation for M to be priced $25, then all your M-sized shirts will cost $25.

    Let me know how it turns out.

    If I understand your instructions correctly, you can change the price for *all* medium shirts in your inventory in this manner.

    In my case, the Size variation set is being used to with T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, Tank tops, and even pants. They’re all priced differently from each other. In this case, all sizes and colors of the product are the same price.

    So what I want to be able to do is set the price for all instances of a given product at once.

    It’s good practice to use different variation sets for different products, so you can avoid a situation like yours, where you have the same variation set for different categories of products.

    If you want to set the product price regardless of Variation:
    – Review your variations to make sure they do NOT have a price modifier.
    – Edit your product, uncheck the Size Variation, Update Variations, set the price, update the product, check the Size Variation then Update Variations again and finally Save.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Alternatively, if you’re tech savvy and likely to get bored easily (especially if you have many products to edit), you can employ something like Selenium IDE to automate your browser actions according to your logic, but that’s another story altogether.

    KIsmay, did you ever find an easy solution to this problem? I’m experiencing something very similar and am currently researching plugins that might help.

    You may want to consider Smart Manager Pro – an add on to WPeC that makes managing variations (and customers, orders and products in general) a lot easier. Lets you batch update prices among other things…

    Weird you say that Nirav cos I’ve just installed the light version to test. Can you tell me more about the options for variations with Smart Manager Pro? I want to resolve the same sort if issue that KIsmay has here. I guess I need to add variations to my variations!

    I’d appreciate any further feedback you might have for Smart Manager Pro.


    Hi Shane,

    Smart Manager Pro lets you manage product variations – their names, prices, inventory etc. Smart Manager Pro will show you all variations of a product below it, you can select items you want to update and perform batch update on them. Or you can simply edit the details you want inline. Click save and it will all be saved.

    Smart Manager Pro does not manage variation sets though. WPeC’s built in variation set management is sufficient for most users and that’s why we focused on managing variation products. So like @ghimus mentioned, you can update a variation set to update prices of all products in that variation.

    Or you can use Smart Manager Pro to select variations you want to update and then batch update them.

    So in essence, I believe Smart Manager Pro should solve your problem. And you always have 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy!


    Rosie in Stitches


    I am using WP e-Commerce from Instinct Entertainment Version
    on WordPress Version 3.2.1 at

    Where can I find a simple guide with step by step instructions for inputting the different variations eg red, white, blue for the “variation/set” colour that I have created?

    Then, a step-by-step guide for using the variation/set on each product.

    I have tried following the instructions on the page but I have not yet found an invitation to put into each of my three “variation/set” the different colours for my products, the different sizes available and the different price options.

    I am using WP e-Commerce Plugin, I am facing here issue in Variation price setup..
    Variation is not allow me to change the price and type order
    e.g. I have one T-shirt, with blue, red, Org 3 colors and both are different price
    on client side these are showing in drop down, but it’s taking default price and color,like if blue color is selected price is showing different color like this,

    any solution for this?

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