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  • Another problem I just noticed: when clicking any buttons in the category page as well as the checkout page (, if I click on the right side of the button it changes into a square, but if I click on the left side it works fine.

    Sounds like some CSS is messed up somewhere, but where should I look for it?

    I’m having the same problem, I researched into the wee hours of the morning and I have found plenty of posts mentioning this problem, but nothing definitive for fixing it. There were quite a few of the old “I have a problem!” posts followed by “Nevermind I fixed it” without any explanation of how they did so.

    I had purchased the gold cart plugin so I had a support token for, but from what I understand, the customer service isn’t the greatest and I desperately need to fix this.

    In my case, just like Karl’s, the product page is blank. Additionally, on a single products page, I don’t have the add to cart button. I was able to circumvent that by using the add to cart shortcode, but that doesn’t show whether or not an item is in stock, it’s kind of a lame version of the working add to cart button which works fine in category view.

    I HAVE to fix this, my client is currently selling one item, that being the case I was able to jerry rig things with the category view and the nav menu links. Bu within the next few days she’s going to add several more. I have to get the product page up and running with grid view ASAP. I’m begging you guys, if anyone has any ideas on how to sort this craptastic plugin out, please let me know.


    Hey Karl,

    Don’t know if this will help you, but I tracked my issue down to a plugin conflict with Simple Facebook Connect. It was the last thing I thought would have caused an issue like this. Got rid of that and I was good to go, everything was immediately sorted out. Hope that helps.

    AMP, you’re a genius!

    Simple Facebook Connect was the problem. Once deactivated, all the e-commerce pages work like a charm. Just needs a little styling and we’re live.


    amplitudeMC, I could kiss you!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!

    I was up to 2AM last night with no hope of ever finding the cause of this problem (products not showing up on product page). With a deadline for a client looming, I was frustrated beyond belief.

    Also, THANK YOU for following up with the answer, it makes SUCH a big difference! Know that you made someone out there very happy. 😀

    Just wanted to thank you for this. Same thing — conflict with Simple Facebook Connect. You have saved my sanity.

    I have same problem, but i dont use Simple FB connect…i has tried deactivate one by one modules, but still nothing…im going mad…

    I to have a similar problem – Im beginning to go mad!

    WP 3.3.1
    WP E-Comm: Installed yesterday
    Theme: Traction by “the theme foundry”

    I found my problem – it was

    <?php if (is_file(STYLESHEETPATH . ‘/subscribe.php’ )) include(STYLESHEETPATH . ‘/subscribe.php’ ); else include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/subscribe.php’ ); ?>

    Which was located in my page.php file

    Now the [productspage] loads correctly

    karljam !!! I visited your URL in your first post. Seems like you found a solution and have yours working! Do you know what the conflict was in that other plugin?

    Same issue here, blank products-page, but if you add on to URL a CAT name or anything at all for that matter, it will display your products. Seems to be a rewrite issue with permalink structure; Only seeing the issue with WPEC

    I am using the theme ‘Thesis’, and it seems that maybe it has conflicting code somewhere. Anyone familiar with the issue?
    ‘Wp-e-commerce and thesis’

    On a positive note, I notice that older version 3.8.6 of WPEC works fine and doesn’t have the issue; it even works with the newest WP 3.3.1. and with ‘Thesis’ theme.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

    I have the same problem. When I deactivite de facebook plugin, the produktpage is working. Is the a sollution to use both plugin.

    or maby an other plugin voor facebook?

    @kcwebmedia Sorry, I have no clue why Simple Facebook Connect caused the fail…

    Thank you antonymken. Fixed my product page problem with Thesis and WPEC

    Solution!! I have had this problem on 2 sites and has been driving me crazy.

    Found a simple fix that worked on one site, have yet to try it on the other.

    Go to Settings>Permalinks and just click save!

    Worked like a charm! Phew.

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