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[resolved] [Plugin: WP e-Commerce] Poor support, don't waste money on Gold Cart (26 posts)

  1. tgrblogger
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Since purchasing this plugin a couple years ago along with a Gold Cart update, I've had numerous issues with getting the cart to work and display properly. Pagination issues, categories that won't show up, broken images or links, etc, etc. The "premium" support is non responsive and in fact I've only been able to ask one question of them, which never got answered for over 6 months. And the answer didn't even address the issue. Any new questions I have are directed to the community forums, which while helpful on common issues, are unable to respond to less common ones.

    The documentation in extremely sparse and much of it is outdated. Most programmers I've contacted either no longer want to deal with this code or will charge exorbitant prices for working with it. That's just to get it to function properly!

    For over ten years, I've operated many other websites with various shopping carts that all have their minor issues, but most are well supported and usable. But I've finally come to the conclusion that WP e-Commerce is not a commercial grade shopping cart. Therefore I cannot in good conscience recommend this plugin for anyone serious about having a busy, fully functioning eCommerce website, at least not with the Gold Cart. In my opinion, it's would be money wasted.


  2. swearingdad
    Posted 4 years ago #

    IMHO I totally agree with the above statement. My WordPress developer has lost most of his hair trying to get this plugin working (we were using the Gold version and Members module - all paid for - for an e-commerce website selling products by monthly subscription) - support and recognition of issues from WP-EC (getshopped.org) is almost non-existent.

    We have had to pay a developer $000s to just get basic functions to work correctly. The developer has been pretty good (I can provide details if anyone wants it) but the amount I have paid to get this site working has negated any benefit from using software like WordPress - I might as well had a fully custom store and website built.

    Shame. The plugin seems great. I'll try the Woocommerce one next time.

  3. jim.hubbard
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I must agree. WP e-commerce is a sham.

    It may get a very basic site up, but you won't have many (if any) real options to how your site will work or display.

    Shipping rates is a complete nightmare if you want to do something as simple as flat rate, per item shipping.

    It wastes tons of time and space creating an entry for every possible variation combination. I still don't know why this is even needed. It just makes no sense to create all of those variation entries unless you need to edit them.

    You cannot post in the community forums without someone approving your first post. I got an email saying it would not take long to approve my first post - that was 4 hours ago and my post requesting help is still not posted.

    I think they are limiting the posts to limit the number of problems and complaints.

    I also purchased the "Gold Cart". It was nothing but a golden turd.

    The idea behind WordPress was to make blogging easy. It did that (at least at first - WP.org keeps adding and adding to WP and making it more and more confusing to use for the general public). But, most plugins do NOT follow that same goal.

    Most plugins, like WP e-commerce, are not intuitive. They confuse instead of empower. Even the documentation is out of date and confusing in many places.

    I don't mind paying for a plugin, I just want the damned thing to be dependable and easy to use.

    Because I have had so many problems with WP themes and plugins, I will be checking out Joomla and Drupal after this site. I advise you to do the same.

  4. tgrblogger
    Posted 3 years ago #

    ...Because I have had so many problems with WP themes and plugins, I will be checking out Joomla and Drupal after this site. I advise you to do the same

    Jim, I can't really agree with you on the WordPress ease of use, as I believe it's gotten better. But I can imagine it's made it tougher for plugin authors who don't get paid or work off donations for their work to make time to stay up with the changes. WP-ecommerce has no such excuse though.

    I will tell you that if your displease with WordPress, then you're unlikely to like Drupal's interface and update system. It's as far from intuitive as sticking your hand up a dog's ass to stop it from peeing on you. It works, but it's nasty and can reach around and bite you!

  5. jim.hubbard
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I haven't used Drupal before, but I have used Joomla and it looked a lot more polished than WordPress when I used it.

    I had clients asking for WordPress and I saw so many others supposedly using it, so I went with it and have tried to use it for several sites over the last 2 years.

    I find WordPress themes to be a scam - at least at Themeforest. They NEVER work like the demo. The documentation is frequently wrong. They are buggy as hell. Authors frequently ignore pleas for help. And there is no real way to get a refund once you are taken by these authors.

    I have purchased around 45 themes on Themeforest - always hoping that the next theme would be a great purchase. With 2 exceptions, almost every theme was a complete waste of time and money.

    IMHO the WordPress theme community is a scam.

  6. tgrblogger
    Posted 3 years ago #

    OK Jim, just to clarify this thread was not started about WordPress, it's focused on informing people about WP-ecommerce. Thanks for sharing your opinions, but further comments about WordPress itself or themes would be more appropriate in a different thread elsewhere.

  7. Nagaraj
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello all,

    I have read the above all comments and worrying about my project .

    Can anyone give me some good suggestion whether shalll i use WP-ecommerce plugin or WooCommerce ??

    I am looking for free plugins ??

    Is that possible ??

    and also i am more familier with wordpress even my clients wants WordPress only .

    Hope i will get reply soon .

    Thank You all in advance :)

  8. Nagaraj
    Posted 3 years ago #

    And also the thing is how we can sort Products ??
    by Latest updates ? Prices ? Color ? And dates ??

    I tried in google but did not get much idea

  9. swearingdad
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I would just add that any decent plugin will probably cost money otherwise why would someone spend time developing and supporting a plugin? And presumably if you want an e-commerce plugin you are going to be selling 'stuff' for money so why would you expect such a plugin to be free to you?

    That said, I understand WooCommerce and WP-Ecommerce basic plugins are free with additional facilitates and support being charged for.

    In my experience of the WP-Ecommerce plugin, I have found it and some of the additional features we purchased (Gold and Members for example) to be buggy and the support we received was patchy to say the best. In the end we had to resort to paying a third party developer quite a substantial sum to fix fundamental issues with the plugin as WP-Ecommerce declined to help further.

    However we recently discovered that the WP-Ecommerce password protected support forum / posts can still be searched and catalogued by Google. The result is that passwords and other sensitive materials were exposed to public searches. Despite WP-Ecommerce being made aware of this on 12 October 2012 they have still managed NOT to delete the posts containing the sensitive material which frankly is appalling behaviour. So I CANNOT recommend WP-Ecommerce or their 'support' team.

  10. Nagaraj
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey swearingdad,

    Thanks for your suggestions

  11. webbrewers
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Can't say I agree with much of the above. Creating an ecommerce solution as feature rich as wp ecommerce is a complex undertaking. Making it work in an environment where thousands of individuals are contributing themes and plug ins that may or may not be compatible is nigh on impossible.

    I've had some problems using wpec but most were related to conflicts with other things on the sites or pilot error, not the fault of wpec itself. It does take some effort to understand how to get it working right but once it's up and running it works exceptionally well.

    As for support most of the real issues are reported on their Google code site and you can gauge the level of commitment from the devs better there than here or in their support forum.

    If you're considering an ecommerce plug in, be prepared to work at it in a WP environment no matter which one you choose. None are perfect out of the box.

  12. Marcus Thompson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You all can add me to the ranks of the dissatisfied WPEC users. I've had issues with variations not changing the price or picture, shipping issues and the PayPal payments pro gateway not working.

    I have a client who wants her site to go live this weekend and I was hoping that gold cart would help with the issue I'm having. I can see now that upgrading probably won't solve anything.

    I also have to agree with the lack of technical support. Many of the issues I'm experiencing are posted on the GetShopped site by other users as well. Many of these posts have not been replied to or resolved.

    I am in search for an ecommerce plugin that does what it's supposed to and is well supported. If I find one, I'll post it here.

  13. chaoix
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I agree with everything said here. My experiences with WPEC as a developer have been aweful.

    I currently use this Ecommerce plugin for all of my projects:

    These are also some other plugins I have heard good things about:

  14. Justin Sainton
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    It does seem that most of this post is a general complaint against the support for the paid version of this, Gold Cart - so this post doesn't really belong on WP.org.

    Asking a moderator to close this.

  15. jim.hubbard
    Posted 3 years ago #

    That's not really true. In my case, I tried the free version and only upgraded because I thought the paid version would have more features and support.

    The free version was just as bad.

  16. owenworth22
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Because you don't seem to answer it from your forum that is why WE come here and let everyone knows that you're taking us for granted once we buy a gold cart. Like me I bought a gold cart and you did not send me the api key and it's been 7 days already. I have sent you 2 emails and post in your forum about it.

    Anyone out there who has the same experience like me let's come together and ask the wordpress.org to remove the wp-ecommerce plugin in the wordpress.org repository.

  17. Justin Sainton
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi owenworth22,

    That's not accurate.

    It's not my forum. I didn't take you for granted. I didn't send you an API key because I am not employed by Instinct, the company that sells the Gold Cart. I happen to be a lead developer for the plugin, but I'm not an employee of Instinct.

    WP e-Commerce is a community developed plugin - that's what these WP.org forums are for. You can see on GitHub (https://github.com/wp-e-commerce/WP-e-Commerce/contributors) - there have been contributions from over 16 developers since we got on there earlier this year (and those are just contributions tallied over PRs).

    Your beef is with Instinct, not with me - and certainly (apparently) not with WPeC as the core plugin. As such - this is not the appropriate forum for these complaints. It would be akin to complaining here about the functionality of wordpress.com. It's simply not the place for it.

  18. owenworth22
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Right place or not for the complain but my point is to let everyone knows that by using the wp-ecommerce for the most part you need the gold cart. Without the gold cart the plugin is very limited especially with payment module.

    When I say "your forum" I am referring with getshopped.org/forum. I know that hurts pretty bad as for the lead developer but it's TRUE. Who will want the shopping cart that are limited in features. So if the Instinct is very inefficient it is useless to use the wp-ecommerce unless you add more payment module and other stuffs that gold cart have to the core and buried the Instinct forever.

  19. Justin Sainton
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Not trying to argue or be disagreeable. I can't vouch for any code that isn't mine, and Gold Cart isn't mine - so I won't vouch for it.

    That said - I disagree with your premise. I've used and contributed to WPeC since 2010 - since then, well over half of my business has been consulting and development for clients using the plugin. Maybe 5%...10% at the absolute most - of the projects I do require anything that the Gold Cart does.

    Also - I'm not hurt at all by your assessment of the getshopped.org forums. It doesn't hurt at all, even as a lead developer. Community forums (which are what those are) have a level of quality that is designated by the quality of community contribution on those forums. That's not something that Instinct can (or should) control.

    Anyway - I see from your profile that you've got quite the knack for complaining on forums about the plugin as opposed to offering solid, helpful feedback - so I won't spend too much more time trying to elicit any from you - aside from the central point of everything I've said thus far - WordPress.org forums are for plugins hosted on WordPress.org. If you have issues with Gold Cart, this is not the place.

  20. jim.hubbard
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Justin : You can't throw the baby out with the bath water. The free version sucked just as hard as the paid version when I tried them.

    Therefore, the comments here should stand. Had you, or your team, bothered to follow these comments and addressed the issues when they happened this thread would have worked in your favor.

    You (they) didn't, so it doesn't.

    IMHO, you are out of line. Trying to cover up comments that do not put the plugin you work on in a good light is dishonest.

    Should these comments be removed, I will put up a web page devoted to keeping them alive. As it is, nobody is doing much SEO to bring people to this particular page.

    My advice would be to fix the problems mentioned here and let the community judge the worthiness of the plugin based on it's merits.

  21. swearingdad
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Justin: Where would you propose we post our comments on the plugin and developers? Especially when the 'official' developer refused to continue investigating all the issues we found?

  22. Justin Sainton
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi swearingdad,

    If the comments are related to GoldCart - the best I can say is to post it to their Premium Support forums. I know the guys that work there and they work incredibly hard, they're really great people - they're just always at maximum capacity, so it takes some time, sometimes, to get a response. But they should eventually respond. That's not the answer you probably want to hear, and I really do wish I could give a better one.

    If you have problems related to the actual WP e-Commerce plugin (not Gold Cart) - this is the place. If you have repeatable bugs with patches to fix the issue, our GitHub repo is a great place.

  23. Justin Sainton
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi jim.hubbard,

    Again, I'm not trying to hide anything - I have no horse in the race with Gold Cart. All I'm saying (and have said from the beginning, and other moderators have edited comments because of this very thing) is that this is not a forum for commercial plugins, this is a forum for WP e-Commerce.

    You say to fix the problems mentioned here, but I've read every comment so far - I couldn't find one actual, repeatable bug mentioned for WP e-Commerce. Are there specific issues that you're having with the most recent release?

  24. owenworth22
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I strongly agree with you jim.hubbard.

    Justin: "that you've got quite the knack for complaining on forums about the plugin as opposed to offering solid, helpful feedback".

    From the past I had a free plugin for wpec and still have premium plugins for wpec as well. You can search the archive in getshopped.org/forums which I provide some insights and guidance in some wpec posts.

    But I won't tolerate how they treat their customers. Recently my username and ip was locked and I wasn't able to post in the community forum but premium support. I'm not going to buy a USD47 for one premium support. I don't need one, I just need my api key.

    And if you said it's a community plugin and as a lead developer this means that you care for the community, right? and the way the Instinct treat their customers. Have you done anything to stop it? At least you should warn the community that some plugin developer are not playing well and take an action to remove, suspend or cancel their plugins at the getshopped.org so the community will be well aware of it.

  25. seyfin
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Have anybody tried using this plug in?

  26. cry1978
    Posted 3 years ago #

    can I say hello zencart?

    zencart is better then wp ecommerce for wordpress, I have found you can just copy and paste download links into a browser that you do not login to but yet, you can still download the files using wp ecommerce for wordpress?

    this does not happen in zencart 5.1

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