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  • I am re-posting a problem that was in another post, but the post is closed.

    I’ve found this plugin to be pretty solid, but have found an error or two I think should be resolved as I assume it would effect a lot of people using the plugin.

    I was using WordPress v2.8.6 and WP e-Commerce plugin v3.7.5.1. I upgraded to WordPress v2.9.2 and WP e-Commerce plugin v3.7.5.3 in hope that the issues would be resolved – no such luck.

    I appreciate the fact that the developers of the WP e-Commerce plugin have put in much effort to get it to where it is now, and with the community’s help we can make it even better 🙂

    So here’s my scenario:

    You’re in the shop within the website, you select the product you want to purchase, and proceed to the checkout. (Keeping in mind this product is one of a kind, i.e. there’s only one in stock.)
    You fill in all your appropriate details and select “PayPal” as the Payment Gateway, and click the “Make Purchase” button. (The PayPal Express Checkout is being used here, but should be beside the point.)
    You’re redirected to the PayPal landing page where you can login with your according PayPal buyer account to continue, or you can choose to proceed without a PayPal account and just use credit card details etc.
    On this same PayPal landing page you should see some text and a link saying something along the lines of, “Cancel and return to STORE NAME”.
    The person about to make the purchase may have reconsidered and not have wanted to make the purchase after all. So they decide to click on this link to go back to the shop.
    Upon clicking the link and returning to the shop, they land on the “Transaction Results” page which presents them with a message, “TRANSACTION CANCELED”.
    Okay, so at this point you think everything has been cleared from the shopping cart and we’re back to square one – not so!
    You go back to the checkout where you still see the product sitting in the shopping cart. Fair enough – click “Remove” to remove it, which appears to have worked.
    You go back into the shop and find the same product and try clicking the “Add to Cart” button… Fail! It prompts an error message saying, “Sorry, but the item PRODUCT NAME is out of stock”… I don’t think so – I just removed it from the shopping cart and it should be back in stock now!
    Unfortunately the issue continues…
    You login to the WP Admin and go to the “Products > Sales” page.
    At the top of the list of Sales items, you should see a “Pending Transaction” for the product that was supposedly just canceled from PayPal and removed from the shopping cart!
    This is obviously not good because this “supposed Sale” is in fact redundant and should never have been entered into the “Product > Sales” page.
    Well I hope that’s enough of a walk-through/breakdown of the issue I’m having. I’d really appreciate any help I can get with this one and that it can be resolved now, or hopefully in the next release so that no one else has to worry about it.

    Has anyone found a solution to this. It is causing me to loose sales.

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  • Hello. I’m Dan from the team. Our support gurus are busy working in our forums which are available on our own site. We don’t answer many questions here because we find it best to manage all requests in the one place. Alternatively for expedited help you can hit the premium forums here:


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