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    I thought this plugin would allow me to have add membership capability to the already existing shopping cart experience. WRONG. This plugin is seriously flawed.

    1. It will only work if purchasing products/subscription as ‘buy now’ / single item transactions.

    2. The ‘add to cart’ and shopping cart experience for products will not work along side a product of membership type. Attempting to add two different product types (membership and true product) will prevent any second item from being added to the cart). See line 613 of wp-shopping-cart.php for an example.

    3. Therefore this plugin really renders your ecommerce functionality worthless for products.

    4. Will work great if you only do membership or you only do ecommerce.

    If you want ecommerce + gold w/membership you’re really spending $275 for a membership only plugin that you can’t sell products on. They should split this out not as an add on but as a separate product.

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  • Ouch. Did you buy it? I tried using it for selling products, but I really didnt like how it worked.
    I needed a membership system on my blog too. I ended up using a seperate shop for my products and wp-Member for my membership etc. wp-member seems like a new product, but it is the best membership plugin i have used.

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    Iamthechosenone you must really like wp-members I mean to go looking for all those posts on the forum to help them a long 😉

    While I’m sure everyone has heard of Paybox, they eventually failed not because the product didn’t work (Though it didn’t) but because they deceived users and failed to provide support.

    Anyway as an alternative to wp-members you could try Your Members – Probably the best WordPress membership Plugin out there and while more expensive then wp-members it has many more features, and you can see how active the development is because support is free via the forums 😉

    If anyone was burned by Paybox then please contact me directly to get a massive discount at

    tnash – can you summarise those extra features maybe? I’m looking at both wp-member and Your Member and it’s not very clear what the main differences are. Thanks!

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    But briefly:

    • Pay Per Post – allow users to pay for one of pages or posts instead of or as well as membership site
    • Post Delay – prevent users from accessing all your content at once even with the right access levels via post delay
    • RSS Tokens – Allow users the choice of HTTP Authentication or RSS tokens to read members only posts in RSS reader
    • third part integration so on return from payment processing you can inform autoresponders affiliate systems etc

    Are literally of the top of my head free support plus our community of purchasers are driving Your Members a quick look on the forum you will see feature requests and on the whole us delivering them as quickly as possible which reminds me support is free to all and we are trying to be as open as possible so we don’t hide the support forum warts and all.

    and you must really like newmedias, or is it wordpress membership, or is it cambridge new medias? Sounds like you cant make up your mind.
    I woudlnt waste $50 on it.

    For example, you are but you claim to be cambridge new media. Not new medias, but that to one side, who is Cambridge New media LTD? not you right? So youre impersonating a LTD compamny? nice

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    You can find out about us quite easily and a quick Google of my name Tim Nash will show anyone who I am. We also clearly state we are not CNM LTD but it is quite common for companies and particularly if they are non limited to share common words it’s also very common for companies to have site names that are not the same name as the company 😉

    I would hope no one wastes their money and since you already have a membership plugin (I presume it works 😉 ) it would seem silly of you to buy ours unless it was so you could use some of the additional features.


    I use(d) WPB-PayPal for my site fairly successfully until today when the Gootix url expired. If I purchase your members do you know if your product will integrate my current subscribers?

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    I’m afraid I don’t think it would be easy to do, unless your current subscribers are all using one account type/ subscription. That said we can create a conversion script was not aware of any paybox customers with live sites other wise we would have thought about this sooner.

    Check MemberWing membership plugin. It’s free, it gives you 4 levels of memberships and ability to have free teasers for each protected premium articles.
    It does not have automated integrated payment system though, but at least you can create full blown wordpress membership site in 5 minutes without spending a dime.


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