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  • mendicantsoul


    For the moment I’ve de-activated the WP e-commernce plug in. I think it is an excellent plug in and does pretty much everything I need without having to resort to complicated or expensisve programs.

    I think that folks who have the mind set to work on a plugin like e-commerce deserve a lot of thanks, more than I can give them. So I’m not here to complain just to point out that I don’t have the ability to resolve a major issue for me, that is shipping calculation.

    If a product has a pnp of say $4.20, each time a person orders that, or orders more than one, the shipping keeps adding the $4.20 to each product. Thus if someone buys 10 items pnp is $42.0. However, the shipping charge in reality will allow up to 500 g and those 10 items would easily be less than 500g so pnp should only be $4.20.

    However, I don’t seem to be able to work out how to ask shipping to only add pnp by cumulative weight. I think the high pnp calculation is putting folks off.

    For now I’ve gone with something which is more clumsy in comparison and does not have the capabilities of e-commerce but the ‘issues’ it has I have the tech ability to deal with.

    My desire would be to pay the developers to fix it, but I’m not in a position to do so. Thus while for now I’ve de-activated the plugin I want to encourage them to continue to iron out this as I think it is letting them down from having a realy top quality program, certainly worth more than the $0 you probably get. But as a religious who takes a vow of poverty I appreciate the desire to do something you love just because you love it. I look forward to keeping an eye on where this goes.

    Br Nathan-James
    The Society of St Francis

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  • We can do this. We’ve had an idea… email for a chat if you want this functionality.

    We have a new version in development that already supports table rate shipping + USPS + UPS shipping. Now that we have a brand new Shipping Framework in development we don’t think it would be much additional effort to add a new feature that lets you enter in weight ranges i.e.

    1kg – 2kg = $5
    2kg – 5kg = $7.50





    what about flat rate shipping?



    Hi – I was wondering what the time frame on the new version that includes robust shipping options is? Can we expect it soon?

    This is a great plugin and if shipping can be done by destination and across multiple vendors it would be truly awesome!


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