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    I’m working on getting a site into fully working conditions and have run into an odd issue.

    First, the product pages add a product, one at a time, to the cart through ajax. So to add more than one (or different variations), you need to click that button for every product you want. Works great in all browsers except Internet Explorer.

    In IE, the first product adds fine, but then you click to add another to the cart and the ajax request returns nothing. To make things weirder, the shopping cart is empty. So I booted up Fiddler2 to see what’s going on in the request headers, here’s what I found:

    First product add: wpsc_ajax_action=add_to_cart&product_id=572&variation%5B52%5D=53
    Second product add: wpsc_ajax_action=add_to_cart&product_id=572&variation%5B52%5D=53&quantity=0&key=0&wpsc_update_quantity=true&wpsc_ajax_action=empty_cart

    For some reason the action “empty_cart” is being tacked on to the request when on IE. Has anyone run into this issue, solved it, or know what I can do to fix it?


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  • Here’s the answer:

    The problem was actually as follows:
    Whoever setup the product page (some company before me), they put the Shopping Cart Wrapper div inside the whole form for adding a product to the cart. When a product is added, the shopping cart widget (I think) is injected into that div. So now there’s a form inside of a form, which causes problems in IE. When you try submitting the outer-most form, the data in the inner-most form is submitted too.
    As soon as I moved the inner form outside of the outer-form, everything worked.


    Hi Faison, would you please talk in details about how to fix it?
    I have the same problem with my website, , I have no idea how to do.
    Many Many Thanks!

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