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  • Okay, so I have installed this plugin a year ago for a client of mine and even though we had to switch hosts TWICE due to incompatibility it seemed to work okay after lots of customization. Now because of the recent worm attack on older WordPress versions (my client’s installation was still 2.6, I was afraid to upgrade because it might break the plugin!) I was forced to upgrade to 2.8.4. I also upgraded the plugin to the latest version after backing everything up.

    So far so good.

    Well, wrong. Since half the backend doesn’t work in Firefox or IE7 and my client’s website is now slow as hell (500 errors all around).

    – Products can not be edited, the product details form just vanishes altogether
    – Tabs on the Settings page don’t work in Firefox, in IE they just lead to a theme-less page
    – Dropdown feature of WordPress categories in the backend broke (only happens when I’m on the e-commerce pages)
    – New images can’t be added

    Tomorrow I will do a clean install of both WordPress and WP e-Commerce and give it a last shot. I seriously hope that will fix all the issues I have with this plugin because I’m fed up.

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  • So I just deactivated the plugin and whaddayaknow? The site went back to full speed again.

    So sorry to hear it.

    Okay so it appears that the upgrade screwed up the installation. My client was using the gold cart upgrade and it doesn’t seem to be compatible with 2.8.4 at all. You’d think that something people pay good money for would work but I guess not.

    Now for the next problem: the name and address information doesn’t show up. It just says N/A in the backend. How do I fix this?

    hmm you should have been alerted with a ‘Fix your purchase Logs’ Message that associates your checkout form fields with the snazzy new purchase log system,, as for the gold cart files you stil have the receipt with the download link? Redownload them and place them in the new location (its not the same place as the 3.6 location) gold cart files have been altered since 3.6
    problems? Let me know at

    Jeffry G

    You can check out the shopp plugin as a possible alternative.

    You could. But its not the same… Its like the paid for version of WordPress 😉

    As Jeff said. Things such as the gold cart files have moved around – but we have written about this quite a lot. We know people pay good money for our premium upgrades which is why that information is out there. We do the best to keep things working and healthy – I hope is useful!!



    Unfortunately mufasa you’re deluding yourself if you think that your team and web site is providing good customer service because you’re not. Just take a good look at all the unresolved problems listed on your forum and so many of them revolve around the same basic problems. I’ve been fighting problems for a week now and I’m ready to move on and find some thing else. . . any thing . . .that would be more reliable then your plug-in.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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