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  • I really wanted to love WP e-commerce and was looking forward to setting up my site. I started with fresh WP and WP e-commerce installs. But from the get-go, it has been awfully tough. The language of the interface is not nearly as intuitive as I suspect its designers think it is.

    It is a nightmare to sort out what the difference is between Categories and Groups, and this is exceedingly frustrating because it’s clear that if you don’t get this right, your shop will not function properly.

    Instead of offering a simple explanation, or a glossary, the page where you take care of this task uses the terms “Group” and “Category” in a dizzying and seemingly interchangeable manner.

    This page is called Product Categories, and it instructs us to:

    • Categorize products into groups
    • Manage a group that is itself called “Categories”
    • Add new categories
    • ..and add new groups

    When we want to add a new group, the action button says “Submit”, but when we want to add a new category, the button says “Add Group” (either that, or the “Add New Categories” function is broken). Regardless, it is nearly impossible to get a handle on what the hierarchy is supposed to be, and whether “Groups” and “Categories” are actually distinct, or if they are the same thing, with bad UI language.

    When you finally succeed in adding a product to your cart, chances are it will not show up on your site’s pages, or if the Category listing does get displayed, the product detail page (or whatever), is nowhere to be found. Somewhere in the documentation there is a note about “adding a page,” but it is never explained beyond that. So you have just enough intel to feel certain you’ve done it wrong and that you cannot solve it. For me, it was…infuriating.

    It’s not just me. I’ve spent the past 36-hours tearing my hair out over this plugin, and dozens of Google searches have revealed tons of users in the same boat as I’m in.

    Although the author site ( does have a forum, any sort of easily digestible, Quick Start is lacking. Instead, the authors point to the $35 downloadable E-commerce Bible that, according to user notes online, is 150-pages long. I am in no way opposed to a great guidebook, but I do resent needing to pay $35 just to see if the product works at all. A $35 guidebook is for once you know something works, but you need some help going deeper, or deciding if it’s the best product for your particular needs.

    I feel bad posting this. I know the developers have worked really hard on their product. And while some folks (perhaps many) may have managed to get a shop up and running, there seem to be major issues with the UI/Documentation, the code, or both, that make it likely this will not be a viable plug-in — even if, like me, you are just looking for basic use, without customization.

    This plugin has so many potentially great features. If the documentation were only improved to make getting started a reasonable task, I would try WP e-commerce again.

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  • Documentation for almost every aspect of the cart set-up is easily findable via links clearly listed in the sidebar of their website on this page:

    Documentation for Product Groups:

    Any ecommerce standalone application or plugin is going to need you to be intellectually capable of setting up product categories on your own.

    Visit the website of any famous retailer and observe how they have categorized their products.

    @mccormicky; Thanks mate!!!

    Product Groups are infinitely more powerful then just having one single category option. Infinitely. We built this for a large retiler who would not use an e-Commerce solution without it.

    We’ll be improving the user interface next week – its definitely on the cards and apologies if it is not working for you.

    Groups work on our WordPres 2.8.1 test site here:

    Otherwise how would we be categorizing the products…

    Would help if the site wasn’t having database errors so I could read these documents….
    I usually don’t need to read documents, have programming and development experience, and we have 2 experienced professionals trying to make it work properly without recoding it ourselves… I’m well aware of what I’m doing, and well aware of what WP-Ecommerce is not doing.
    In the settings, it refuses to change from New Zealand dollars, refuses to retain the base country setting, or at least display it.
    When we add a group, it doesn’t store it. I’ve filled out the form several times now, a couple times forgetting that the plugin doesn’t work properly, and wasted my time filling all the category information and pressing submit, to have the information I typed launched into a black hole. I was able to edit the existing categories and make my site work for now… however so far it’s not looking promising with WP-Ecommerce. We really like what it has to offer, how it’s laid out, and how it’s supposed to work, but well, we need it to work. If we spend too much more time fiddling with it, then we’ll get to the point where we could have made our own plugin.

    So quit complaining and do better.

    Shouldn’t have to. Want to get all our clients using this instead of spending more time on developing something in house for them. I know there’s a way to make this work, and I’m sure they’re almost there. The more we talk about it, and the more everyone works together, the greater chances of finding the solution easily.

    Changed to php5 (from 4.4.9) ‘on the fly’ and now I get tons of errors with WP E-commerce. Might try reinstalling it after I uninstall it to see if it fixes it.

    NOW who’s complaining! I agree with maldenjen…the language is not all together clear. It doesn’t come down to being “intellectually capable of setting up product categories on your own” which I find to be a passive-aggressively belittling comment. In addition, info on the documentation page is either, limited, unorderly, or outdated. It would be great if somehow support information could be gathered into one easy to navigate location instead of a documentation page, blog entries, instinct forums, wp forums, and a costly wp ecommerce bible which has less than desirable reviews. I am standing behind this plugin and willing to do research necessary to find the answers and help I need. I just didn’t foresee all of the minor problems I am encountering that were non-existent until I upgraded to the gold card module.

    Perhaps there was a little vinegar in my comment.

    standing behind this plugin and willing to do research necessary to find the answers and help I need

    It would not be not easy to corral all information ever put online into one tidy location. I suspect the developers have their hands full making improvements to their free plugin.

    I do hope you find all documentation to help you with your issues after upgrading to the gold cart.

    What issues would those be?

    In my experience it is usually a matter of not having the gold cart files in the correct place or having old copies of them.

    I’m having this same issue with the free release of WP e-commerce on the latest release, it’s got me stumped as to why the following is happening

    * Base country is not updating
    * Cannot create additional product groups

    Same issue as, Danster any ideas?

    please delete my answer.thanks.

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