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  • Hi,
    You may have already figured out how to do this, but for benefit of anyone else that might be looking.
    You create product categories separately from regular wordpress categories, it’s in the left menu under Products. When adding or editing a product you should have a “Product Categories” selection box in the right column. If not, open screen option and check the categories option.
    You can assign product to one or multiple categories, you can also nest your categories into sub and sub-sub categories.

    As for sorting your products in a particular order – you can control this somewhat within the store settings under the Presentation tab. In the lower portion of that screen you will find a Sort Product by: and two drop downs.
    Drag&Drop is supposed to allow you to do just that and put your products in any order you want, but in my experience that option still has some problems in the latest version of wpec.

    Good luck!

    Hi there and thank you so much for your quick response.

    However, I cannot find the “Presentation Tab” in the Store page. I see where I can add and change Categories, but I’ve searched all the ‘tabs’ and sections and cannot find the “Presentation Tab”. What am I missing?

    That’s odd. It should be the second tab, immediately to the left of “General”

    Well, lbrocka, I may be blind to this but, I cannot find a ‘General’ tab or a ‘Presentation’ tab. I am using Simple eCommerce. My only options on this tab are:
    Add/Edit Products

    Under Add/Edit Products I have
    Product Details
    Digital Product Details
    Additional Product Details
    Product Variations
    Each of these open up, but there still is no ‘General’ or ‘Presentation’ options. What am I missing here?

    Those are links, not tabs. In the main WP control panel, go to Settings>Store; there you’ll find all of the configs for e-commerce. The Presentation tab is second in. There are some good turorials on the getshopped website.

    Hello K. We are obviously not seeing the same thing and you have more than I have. When I go on my control panel, I click on Settings, and there is no ‘Store’ tab or link. I click on the Pages link to get to my Store page and there is no settings or presentation tab or link. I see “General” link under settings, but there is no Presentation tab or link. Where IS this mysterious tab?

    Are you sure you’re using WordPress e-commerce? Simple e-commerce is an entirely different plugin.

    WordPress e-commerce:
    Simple e-commerce:

    Hi Andrew.
    No, I am using Simple e-commerce, which is what I said about 4 posts ago. So is that why I am not following what everyone is saying? Is there a way to arrange products in Simple eCommerce?

    Yes that’s why I imagine you’re not following. You did link to wpec in your original post, it’s logical to assume that’s what people would try to troubleshoot for you.

    The plugin’s readme says to use product categories for custom ordering. Have you tried that?

    Thank you for responding. I was wondering why I couldn’t see what everyone else was seeing. I appreciate the patience with me and your explanations. :>) Yes, I see that I did link to wpec and have no idea how I got that, cause I’m not using it. duh to me.

    So when I put my products on the store page, I listed everything in their proper categories. That’s not the problem. I want to be able to move those products in the arrangement that makes more sense, and be able to insert products as they become available and place them in the correct order. Such as – put my eBooks under the Printed Books, and put different gadgets next to each other. Is that possible with Simple e-Commerce, or do I need to upgrade to WPEC in order to do that?

    I really appreciate the responses that I’m getting to try to help me out. I love learning new resolutions to my computer challenges. :>)

    If no one with more experience with the plugin responds by Monday morning I’ll install the simple ecommerce on a test environment and play around with the ordering.

    WPEC can be a nightmare for developers as it wasn’t really written to be extended, but it works very well if you’re just using its stock functionality.

    Since this post isn’t about WP e-Commerce it really should be closed or re titled.

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    I’m having the same problem that “jenarihealth” was trying to describe when she started this string. I am new to WordPress and really like it – it is generally very simple and easy for a non-techie like me to use. However, I cannot find a way to solve this one issue. I have items in my store that are assigned to a category as I add them to my inventory. However, they appear (within that category) in whatever order I happen to add them. In my case (I make jewelry) I produce the piece, photograph it and then add it to the site. I need a way to change the order in which the pieces appear. So if I add 10 pieces on a certain day, I need to be able to make the 10th piece appear 1st. Does that make sense? Can anyone help?

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