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  • Hi,
    I believe 1 is the category and 5 is the number of products, but I may have to check,,, you say you are not getting any emails from the instinct forums?
    have you lost your password?

    1. Ok, that isn’t the short code. From what I’ve been reading that’s the code for the OLD version. The new version doesn’t show the category ID in the category tree…. so I still don’t know what to do. That old code doesn’t display any images, just the grey slider.

    2. I haven’t gotten any password because I’m not able to get the initial password that they send to you when you register. It just isn’t sending me. I’ve tried many diff. names and even internet browsers. Maybe some one could set me up with one?

    Appreciate the replies 🙂

    OK, I’ve made progress! I’ve used [wpsc_slider_category=2,5] and it actually show’s stuff. I think it’s showing the entire category for each thumbnail…. 🙁

    Take a look. Help appreciated:

    Hello? WHERE DO YOU FIND THE CATEGORY ID IN THE NEW 3.7 eCommerce?!?!?!

    UPDATE: I re-installed the plugin and the small icon inside the editor to add products/sliders works. However:

    1. Slider is now overlapping images!
    2. When I restrict the categories to only show so many products it still displays all images.


    1. It’s a browser issue and simply doesn’t work in Safari.
    2. Still having issues

    Does anyone even work at Instinct anymore?!?! I love the plugin – when it works!

    I’m still having not help with their forum in terms of getting a password sent….

    Hey mate sorry we havent replied we are looking into the safari issue, as for the forums issue please email me at Ill sort you out with a new password for the forums, and yes category ID is hard to find in the new 3.7 versions (I find them by editting the category and hovering over the delete button~)

    You don’t know how happy I am to actually get a response! Thanks, I’ve sent an email.

    I was registered at your forum. I have printed the test message. Do not delete, please.
    [url=]Simulation pret immobilier |
    Taux credit immobilier de France | Calcul de financement par courtier[/url]

    well i have sameproblem i just wanna use this plug in but in first place i donf find how tu add it to my index paga… need some <?php codee… please help. thx

    Did the issue with the product slider’s functionality with Safari ever get sorted out?
    I have the same problem, bdbolin, I cannot post any questions on, even though i have a username and password. The support forum just doesn’t let me sign in to post any questions/comments. My product slider works in mozilla and im pretty sure in internet explorer, but when going to the images all over lap etc. I hope some light can be shed here? I have read some other people w/the same problem who never got this resolved except I have seen the product slider work on when i bring up its url in safari.
    please anyone…?

    Not being to able to see the category numbers without jumping through hoops was driving me nuts. so here’s what I did:

    in the wpsc-admin directory, in the file, find this line:

    echo " <a href='#' onclick='fillcategoryform(".$category['id'].");return false;'>".TXT_WPSC_EDIT."</a>\n\r";

    and change to

    echo " <a href='#' onclick='fillcategoryform(".$category['id'].");return false;'>".TXT_WPSC_EDIT."</a> - " . $category['id']. "\n\r";

    Once you do that, it’ll print a dash followed by the category id after the edit link on the wpsc “categories” page. I you could tweak the code a bit to put it right after the category name, but this was just a quick fix to show the number somewhere other than via a hover.

    Some one mentioned there could be browser issues related to the plugin. I have a display related problem too which I have put up a post on Could this be a related problem?

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