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  • Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Hi epiron.

    Of course it won’t work until you go to the Store > Presentation tab and set your Grid View settings – Grid View activates the Grid View feature on WP e-Commerce – it does not somehow, mysteriously, by magic, know what Grid View settings you want and set them up for you. You actually have to do that.

    Hi Steve, maybe you can help?
    I have a similar problem. After I chose grid view of products it works only for product which is only one in category. If there are more products in category then view in these products stays in default view.

    1. One product – grid view ok:

    2. Two or more products: grid view not working:

    And secondly: as you can see the thumbnails are not crunching to more lines, if I use more thumbnails in gallery they stay in one line pushing all content out of frame.. 🙂

    I use last version of WP, last version of ecommerce and gold cart..

    Thanks, Tibor

    Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Hi Tibor,

    The difference is that for the category=motors you have set Grid View on the category.

    For the Category=legs you have not activated grid view

    See the Plugins Docs Go to the section – Product Categories Grid View and follow the link to the WPEC wiki.

    And secondly: as you can see the thumbnails are not crunching to more lines, if I use more thumbnails in gallery they stay in one line pushing all content out of frame.. 🙂

    You need to set the number of products to show per row – and that will depend on the size you set for the thumbnails – again read the docs and follow the link to the WPEC Wiki on Product Grid View settings

    Once you have your WPEC Grid View settings correct for Product and Categories your problem will be solved.

    Hi Steve,

    thank you for help.
    1. Grid view of categories – it works, thank you for a hint. 😉
    2. What I meant in my question regarding thumbnails – I did not mean the single thumbnails view. But – when you select specific product then u will see a thumbnail and below it there is preview of gallery (such mini thumbnails in row.) And those I cannot figure out how to crunch them to more lines.
    3. When I click on the product then gallery will open – why are thumbnails blury?

    Thank you again for your help 😉
    With regards Tibor.

    Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Hello Tibor,

    Grid View has nothing to do with the single product page gallery which is what i think you are referring to. To fix that you can install the WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery Lite Version – try the Lite version it will scale all of the images perfectly and get your thumbnails under control. The Pro Version of the Gallery is an incredible product and product variations display tool.


    Hi, just wondered if anyone could help, i only want my four categories to show on the main product page, i have them but products show aswell, do i make my category page outside of the ecommerce, confused Doh? oh and my category images are going down the page diagonally

    Hi Steve,

    thank you veru much for your effort. I did try to install Dynamic Gallery Lite version.
    I am getting this error message:
    Warning: Division by zero in /data/web/ on line 425

    What went wrong?
    With regards Tibor.

    Hi Steve,

    I have purchased Grid view Pro and installed and activated it as directed on ,
    However the grid view option in Settings>Store>Presentation remains unavailable for me.

    I had grid view lite installed and activated and this works, but when I deactivate grid view lite and then installed and activated grid view pro, I lose the ability to select grid view.

    Can you suggest any reason why Grid view pro is not working for me?



    Plugin Author Steve Truman



    These forums are for the Free lite version – we do not do Pro Version support here for obvious reason – if you want support for the Pro version then post to the Plugins Pro Version forum. . Thank you



    I have a similar problem – but mine is very confusing. I set the product view to grid view a few weeks ago and it works perfectly for me.
    But today I recognized that – when I visit the page with another pc or even just a new “incognito-tab” in Chrome – I get the standard list view. Even if I change the settings in the presentation tab – I still have the grid view in my standard chrome window and the list view on every other browser/pc. I also emptied the cache in chrome – still the same.
    Has anyone a clue what the problem could be?

    thank you very much!

    PS: I deleted all the cookies now and now I get the default list view on my pc too – even though I set it to grid view in the presentation settings…

    Plugin Author Steve Truman



    Please post a link to the pages you are having the problem with?


    (@haduseldu) (Menu: Produkte). It’s getting even more wired now – few categorys are grid view (” ) and others are list view ( ).

    PS: sorry I found this thread with google and didn’t realize it’s about another plugin… I’m using the original gold cart plugin for the grid view. But I bought the predictive search pro plugin from you^^

    Plugin Author Steve Truman



    Sorry – are you saying you are not even using the WP e-Commerce Grid View Plugin ?

    Hello. I’m investigating this plugin for a client and, as near as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any way to edit the appearance – the .CSS file isn’t available to the user like other WPEC files, the .CSS file for the Grid View plugin gets called in the actual body of the HTML (so it can’t be overridden in the main template CSS)… and I can’t find ANY documentation regarding the subject.

    The clients site is dark, with a primarily orange and white text/link color scheme. Light blue simply won’t work. Is there any way to edit the plugins look?

    Plugin Author Steve Truman



    You can override grid view css file by your css file by adding this code into functions.php file of your theme
    `( ‘wp_head’, ‘my_grid_view_css’, 11 );
    function my_grid_view_css() {
    wp_deregister_style( ‘wpsc-grid-view’ );
    wp_register_style( ‘wpsc-grid-view’, ‘my_grid_view_css_uri_here’ );
    wp_enqueue_style( ‘wpsc-grid-view’ );

    my_grid_view_css_uri_here : the css file path on your theme, for example :

    Hope that helps.

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