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  • What is up with WPEC and Google Checkout? I am running WP 3.3.1 and WPEC PayPal Standard works great testing on PayPal’s sandbox. Google Checkout sandbox testing DOES NOT (and for that matter neither does PayPal Express Checkout). Even though Google Checkout shows each order charge going through successfully, the callback to WPEC is not being handled. It returns the customer to a transaction results page that says “…your purchase is pending, you will be sent an email once the order clears…” and also lists each item twice on that page. On the Store Sales Dashboard created by WPEC, each order via Google Checkout creates duplicate entries, one under “N/A” and another under the test customer user’s correct email. The “N/A” order has the correct number of items and price, the one under the test user’s email contains double the amount of items and price??? What the heck?

    I’ve tried many variations on the Google Checkout Integration settings, disabling all of my WP plugins except for WPEC, and nothing has worked.

    The current Google Checkout integration settings I’ve got are:

    • My Company will only send digitally signed carts: unchecked
    • API callback URL: as specified on the Google Checkout payment settings in WPEC (e.g.
    • Callback Contents: Notification Serial Number
    • API version: 2.0

    I also set Order Processing: Automatically authorize and charge the buyer’s credit card under Preferences

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  • Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    Google Checkout is probably one of the biggest pain points in the plugin, and it’s one we’re actively working on and hyper-aware of. I wish I had better news for you than that, but the massive amount of legacy code in that gateway, and the changes Google Checkout has implemented since then require the bulk of it to be re-written. In the meantime, if you can use a different gateway, I’d recommend it – if not, you might need a different plugin until we get that sorted out.


    Thanks for your response; I appreciate the work the WPEC team is doing. That said, I’d recommend that the list of supported payment gateways be updated. It only hurts WPEC’s reputation when supposedly supported functionality does not work. I like the idea of WPEC, and it’s flexibility for customization. I was considering some of the additional features, but there is no way I’m going to invest money in add-ons if the core features are not rock solid.

    The PayPal Express gateway appears to have similar issues in terms of handling IPN notifications. Sandbox testing results in ‘Incomplete Sale’ even though PayPal Express successfully handles the automatic charge. I can of course push the orders through the system manually, or hack the WPEC code to make it handle the notifications properly, but neither of those options are viable long-term solutions.

    Based on my tests, I’m planning to go live with the PayPal Standard gateway on WPEC and see how it goes, as I’ve already invested a fair amount of time in customization of WPEC. However, based on my experience thus far I’m also going to look at alternative shopping carts.

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    That’s a totally fair conclusion to come to based on your experience. I do want you to know that all of the payment gateways are going through an internal rewrite with a new API. Doesn’t mean much now, but when the next major release comes out, I’d invite you to take a look, I’d be happy to personally walk you through any of it – it’s going to be phenomenal.

    And you should be pretty safe using PayPal Standard, it’s by far the most commonly used gateway.

    As far as the readme.txt file, I don’t disagree with you – in fact, I brought up the same point the other day to the team 🙂

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