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[Resolved] [Plugin: WP E-Commerce currency helper] Convert this to Easy Digital Downloads

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  • Plugin Author haet


    Hi Pippin,
    EDD seems quite popular, I think it would be useful to adapt wp-e-commerce-currency-helper to support it.
    Do you have a test system with a few products I can use for development?

    I don’t have a public test system setup, but you can very easily set one up with a few products. The plugin only takes 5-10 minutes to setup with some basic products.

    Plugin Author haet


    I’ve created a first version here: http://edd.haet.at/
    But there is still (at least) one problem: I can’t identify prices in the frontend.
    WP-E-Commerce wraps all prices in a span with class “pricedisplay”. This is simple to identify with jQuery.
    Either a css class or a hook in the edd_price() function would be useful.
    Do you see another stable way to identify prices with jQuery?


    The price depends on the theme. By default the edd_price() function does not output a span around the price, as that is designed to be done by the theme.

    One of the big differences between EDD and WPEC is that WPEC outputs a ton of markup and styling; EDD outputs almost none in order to keep things lean, though I can see that possibly causing a problem here.

    Maybe I should wrap the price in edd_price() with a span tag so that you can target it. I don’t see that causing any problems as edd_price() is specifically for getting a formatted price.

    The other option would be to simply output a currency select menu on the download details page that allows the user to select their local currency. Once you do that, simply refresh the page, set a query var, and then modify the output of edd_currency_filter().

    Plugin Author haet


    I’d still prefer the tooltip style because it fits every site design and doesn’t affect the original price field. What do you think about two hooks or a filter in the edd_price() function? One before and one after the price output.
    This wont produce any unwanted output and my plugin (as well as some others) can modify or wrap the price output.

    I agree, the tool tip is best.

    I’ll try and add in the hooks / filters this week that you can use them.

    Plugin Author haet


    I’ll try to give you feedback next week, I was on holiday last two weeks.

    Great, sounds good. I look forward to it 🙂

    Plugin Author haet


    It works! I’ll do some tests and will release the Plugin in a few days.

    Moderator Pippin Williamson


    Fantastic! Can’t wait to see it!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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