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  • Just bought the mp3 player plugin – what a joke. such a complete scam.

    let’s see:

    1) docs site is ‘under maintenance’
    2) mp3 player does not work ‘out of the box’, and provides literally ZERO documentation by itself
    3) just plain doesn’t work!

    opening dispute with paypal to get my money back. getshopped is a bunch of scammers imnsho

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  • While I’m not the owner of I am affiliated with their team and may be able to assist, I recommend opening a Premium Support topic on to get in touch with them directly.

    I have not used the MP3 Plugin but documentation should be found at:

    Hope this helps. 🙂

    I’m not paying them MORE money to get them to provide an actual working product that I paid them money for already.

    Talk about perpetual scam – provide broken products, take people’s money and then get people to pay even more money to help them ‘fix’ the products? Are they based in Nigeria?

    Their documentation site doesn’t even mention the Mp3 plugin – and I’ve found numerous posts on their forum where they flat out say that it’s out of date and/or will not be updated or fixed. If that’s the case, WTF are they still offering it for sale?

    Worst vendor ever.

    While the docs area was in maintenance mode yesterday. It is running now.

    Maybe you should calm down and try again. Since Everything is working on my end.

    So the docs site is working now – and still has absolutely ZERO mention that this plugin even exists, let alone works or is supported by them.

    I’ll calm down when I get my money back, thanx ;}

    I’m sorry, but many users report similar experiences to Gekido.

    Please stop blaming the victims.

    I seriously damaged a great relationship with a client over their products.

    Gekido, you might want to check out Cart 66. Works good so far; fingers crossed.

    >>I seriously damaged a great relationship with a client over their

    Pretty much same here – luckily I was able to jump ship to another cart early enough in the project to save things, but was a few sleepless nights migrating everything at the last minute.

    @websta – thanx – am definitely interested in Cart 66 – for the project I bought this plugin for I ended up using Marketpress (Lite version for now) – loving the fact that it uses native custom post types and gives me complete control over pretty much everything out of the box. Cart 66 was a very close second for this currently project, but I just couldn’t justify spending money again when things were in such a mad rush to get finished up.

    Once things settle down a bit after this project I’m definitely looking at giving Cart 66 a try.

    Main reason I’m posting stuff here at all is as a major warning for other potential victims of their shoddy business practices. buyer beware indeed.

    I’ve run into this kind of thing over in the Joomla community, but this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of behavior personally anywhere near wordpress. Sad.

    Since I explore muiltiple options on a daily basis. I’ll toss MarketPress in your direction as a suggestion. If you want to take a look at that shopping cart. However, their lite version doesn’t do much, and it’s $40.00/month for the pro subscription.

    Too bad WP E-commerce didn’t cut it for ya. 🙂

    I’ll take a look at cart66 on my “Playground” at the house.

    Best of luck with Cart66. 🙂

    Marketpress is actually what we ended up going with for my current project (ie the one I grabbed the mp3 plugin for). Having some issues with the checkout process with the lite version, but nothing catastrophic. The simple fact that it’s built with the native Custom Post Type & custom Taxonomy functionality out of the box makes it extremely powerful. Being able to do native wordpress queries and use the out of the box functionality means that you can do pretty much anything with it.

    This is the biggest downside that I’ve seen with most of the other carts – either you have to enter information twice (once as a ‘product’ and the second as a ‘post’ to display the product) or they use some custom database table / functionality for the products and don’t play nice with the default wordpress functionality. Marketpress goes the exact opposite route and makes integration relatively painless.

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