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  • While comparing the version and I found no difference in any of the files.
    I checked all files one-by-one by name, and size. I didn’t find any difference at all.
    The only difference was the date when the files copied to the zip file.
    In other words the version is indeed
    No bugs fixed.

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  • You’re looking at either the wrong files or the wrong changeset. They absolutely fixed bugs, and provided better support for 2.9 in the latest.

    I respectfully disagree.
    I have both zip files in my computer.
    All files are equally sized down to bit. Only wp-shopping-cart.php is internally different because the is
    Total commander does not make mistakes.
    If there was a slightly difference in the files, Total Commander would shown.

    You’re incorrect. I know for a fact that there were changes made regarding additional support for 2.9 and greater compatibility for All in One SEO Pack, because I was involved in these changes.

    I’m not sure why you’re looking for changes by checking the file sizes. You can check in, which records the changes automattically for each changeset.


    So here is what I think happened. Tom made a change to and committed it while it was still in the old version so nobody was notified. And “then” Tom changed the version # and then everything was updated.

    So seeming as though you have so much time on your hands why don’t you do something positive and prove this little theory of mine.

    Trac doesn’t make mistakes either, so here are some clues to help set you on your way:

    As you can clearly see folks we did actually make some changes – I’m sorry if it wasn’t the way you expected it. Or in the particular order vasilissk would have liked.

    Really though you should be out there celebrating Christmas mate – i can’t actually believe i’m writing this!!

    Best, Dan

    p.s. And what the heck do you call this:

    Unless you really want to annoy people in these forums by cluttering up then don’t you think its better to just post one thread with all your issues at a time.

    Welcome to the WordPress forums. Gee wizz… now its time to go spend some time with the humans in my life!

    p.p.s hallsofmontezuma; thanks for pointing this out mate!!! merry christmas if we don’t talk before!!!

    Troubleshooting each parameter of a program takes time.
    I like to analyze the errors and post them separately because each detail takes a lot of space.
    Also am not trying to annoying anyone but the other way around.
    If no one mentions the errors, then how in the world developers will fix their mistakes?
    Someone has to troubleshoot and report the errors.
    Thus it will make the program much better.

    Mary Xmas and cheers.

    Yes but its quite annoying for everybody when you get it wrong. Like in this post 😉

    You should test harder… read around… then hit send.

    Mary Xmas

    Yes but its quite annoying for everybody when you get it wrong. Like in this post 😉

    You should test harder… read around… then hit send.

    Mary Xmas

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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