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  • I’ve deployed this plugin on multiple sites for my clients and it’s been nothing but an absolute piece of garbage. Not only did they’re latest major update completely screw up all our existing work but their uninstallation script doesn’t even remove the database tables as is required by WordPress protocol.

    These developers used to claim “We’ve been told we make the best shopping cart ever…” Incredibly arrogant and thoroughly inaccurate. Probably the most ROBUST cart, or feature rich, but definitely broken. Cost me time, money and frustrated clients.

    For your own sanity don’t use this plugin.

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  • I agree. I’ve been futzing with it for a week and I’m fried. I have three shops to build yesterday, and this is not a good solution.

    Purchasing the $20.00 “guide” is a waste of money too, folks– don’t do it.

    Don’t waste your money. Features don’t work as is, and the support forums are useless to remedy the problem. My many requests for help have been utterly IGNORED.

    Any viable alternatives?

    I agree as well, of course I didn’t find the bugs until after I paid for the Gold Cart. What a waste. There are bugs everywhere. I have single items in my store, so if someone ads an item to the cart and then goes to checkout in Paypal’s gateway, if they decide to quit or return to my site without paying the items are not added back to stock and I have to manually clear them from the admin sales panel. What crap. And this bug has existed for at least a year, cause I found someone with the same issue and it was posted a year ago. Not to mention I e-mailed these schmucks and asked for my money back. Never got a response.

    Agreed. Wasted almost a year trying to get it work properly… it was operational maybe half the time.

    Any good alternatives?

    I’m using right now… seems to work pretty well.. it adapted to my theme right out of the box, which is nice. Checkout seems intuitive. Setup is easy.. though it only asked for my linkpoint store number… not my PEM file, or any other security credentials, so I’m not sure how well that’s going to work (I haven’t tried it yet). But they say linkpoint is supported, so I’ve got high hopes.

    Also requires SSL, which I had never set up before.. but it’s probably a good thing that I’m using it.

    Do you know if shopp using custom post-type ? and if there is multilingual support ?

    Piece of crap program! They need to make sure their software works before they SELL it! And if they must release it without working, at least they should answer the questions from desperate customers in their forums. I HATE them for taking my money and not helping me fix the problems that should have worked properly. I will always do everything I can to spread the word about how aweful their piece of crap program is.

    I don’t recall what version I was running before updating from the dashboard, but it seemed to work OK in the sandbox (site hadn’t gone live yet, thank gawd). I blame myself for not reading the change log and the so-called wiki outlining the upgrade process. Sounds like some of the other commenters in this forum were blind-sided by the same thing. I don’t even feel confident that rolling back is a good solution, either. I’ve gotta admit, I like the post/page-like familiarity of managing the product now, but it feels like I’m having to start over. I’ve kinda got product back online (in dev, of course), except the CSS looks nothing like before, including colors and grid layout, which appears is a premium feature now (huh?). I better brush up on my CSS skills… guess I’ll be customizing.

    Thanks for being an accessory to ruining my client’s site.

    Lessons learned: 1) Don’t complacently auto-update plugins. 2) Don’t update this plugin, at least before first backing up!

    P.S. Checking out the option @sekatsim mentioned: (thanks!).

    Run away from this plug-in, it’s a poor product catalogue at best.

    @ Pepperfly, I’m using CS Cart, I purchased a copy for the SEO aspect. download the free copy and test it out, lots of good info on there KB site, import tool works like a treat, does thumbnails and images all in one import. No code work required. It Just Works!!!!! the way it should.

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