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  • dctommy


    I was really enthused adding on this plugin – seemed like finally a well thought out shopping cart for WordPress. Well its half baked.

    I discovered a few issues:

    • I am forced to have an “no-picture available” thumbnail next to intangible goods that do not lend themselves to having an image.
    • The program does not allow me to determine the order the products are displayed – so there is no logical progression possible. For example from basic to deluxe.
    • THIS IS THE WORST PART – after I deactivated the plugin and deleted it – a bunch of extra unknown pages appeared on my front page links. In a panic I went to the page list in the dashboard but the new pages were not listed there! I went back to my front end and clicked on the “edit this entry” link and switched it to private. Finally it now shows up in the dashboard page list – from which I promptly deleted it. Then I checked my front end again – and yet another page appears. I went through the same thing 3 times. I had visitors on my site at the time. I was sure my whole site was ruined.

    Concussion – these guys are irresponsible. They want to sell you upgrades. Point: if you find a plugin that actually works and makes your life easier. Something you can use everyday. Be sure to reward those developers with a donation. Its so discouraging and a waste of time to wade through piles of half-baked solutions!

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  • razrgeezer


    You’re obviously not one for making friends. Your attitude sucks man – so what have you done for the WordPress community?

    1) that is a good idea – a nicer person expecting results from the developers might have just suggested it as a feature request

    2) yes WP e-Commerce does allow you to order products – you’re just lazy and didnt find it

    3) that is crazy i’ve never seen anything like that and i’ve been using wp e-commerce for years – but that said I’m going to try and duplicate the bug…

    WP e-Commerce by default creates 3 pages. Products Page + Transaction Results + Your account page. I bet you’re talking about that page and I bet you’re using a Plugin to hide pages and I bet you just freaked out..



    1. ) You can use the “Show Thumbnails” option, located on the Presentation tab of the settings page, or you can edit the theme files to remove the thumbnail images.

    2. ) You can rearrange the order of products in a category by dragging the image up or down.

    3.) The plugin needs to create pages for it to add the shortcodes that it uses to add the products page, checkout page and transaction results page content into your site. If we did not create these pages, many people would claim the plugin does not work because they would not know to add the pages. It is fairly common for people to not read instructions that come with software.

    Also, you can hardly say that your whole site was ruined by having a few pages on for what sounds like it was a rather brief amount of time.

    ‘Half baked solutions’. Ouch!?

    Yeah what a guy huh. Check out his other posts on – the guys a real charmer 😉

    Personally I’m amazed that something like this is available, and I think it’s even free (although I’m sure donations are accepted). I’m looking at how to get a very small, unique tee shirt designer online easy and quick and the fact that this is out there just ROCKS. Thanks to the creators.

    Hi all,

    Just getting started on WP, deep in the learning curve, and hoping someone can answer a question I have:

    I tried rearranging the products in the editor but it has no effect on the published page, it still shows them in reverse order of how I entered them. I am assuming there is something else I need to do?

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso


    Rather than posting here, you should send feature requests to the developers. Over the past few years this plugin has been around, they’ve been constantly improving it. They are always welcome to constructive feedback and suggestions from users.


    You can try their forums at and their documentation at

    what a moron – don’t blame your lack of skills on the shortcomings of others.

    Hi davidlig – I assume you’ve probably worked it out by now, and YES there is something else you need to do to get you product list to re-order – in case someone else comes along searching for how to re-order their list of products, then this is how its done:
    YES, you can do as Macropiper helpfully suggestd by ‘2. ) You can rearrange the order of products in a category by dragging the image up or down.’,
    but what he omitted to say was that you also have to:
    Go to ‘Store Settings’ > ‘Presentation Settings’;
    Scroll down to ‘Product Page Settings’ and under ‘Sort Products by’ drop-down, select ‘Drag & Drop’ from the list, otherwise your ‘Drag & Drop’ facility for re-ordering wont work!
    Hope this helps!

    Oh, should also have mentioned – you need to have the ‘Gold Cart’ paid version of this plugin for the ‘Drag n Drop’ to work. It will not work on the free version!

    I have a ‘Gold Cart’ paid version. I can’t see the option in my drop down.
    The option which I have
    Time Upload.
    To get ‘Drag & Drop’ what should I do? Would you please help me?
    I already activated gold cart and it works fine with me

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