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  • My titles for categories are too long and are being truncated. Is there anyway to make them wrap to the next line?

    Pretty please??

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  • No. If suddenly one line was wrapped over two lines the entire tree layout would break.

    Yes. If you can live with that and manage your own CSS.

    This may or not work for you but I’ve succeeded with this CSS hack:

    #dtreec a.node, #dtreea a.node, #dtreep a.node, #dtreel a.node, #dtreec a.nodeSel, #dtreea a.nodeSel, #dtreep a.nodeSel, #dtreel a.nodeSel {
    	white-space: normal;
    	line-height: VALUE;
    	padding-bottom: VALUE;
    	margin:-20px 0 0 20px;

    You’ll need to adjust the margins of some of the other child nodes but this seems to work pretty well in all the latest browsers. IE6 looks a little funky but it’s still usable. You’ll need to tweak VALUE to your own needs as well as the margins to get the anchor to line up with any graphics. It’s a hack and it works on a case by case basis only. I can’t guarantee anything but it’s a start if you’re looking for a direction to look in.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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