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  • I would love to get some help on testing the current pre-release version of WP-dTree, to get it done before WP2.7 is released.

    A Development version is available. Please try it out and let me know what breaks. 🙂

    (oh, and read the included TODO.txt!)

    REQUESTS (* == done):
    * “Close same level” is broken
    * Include private posts in trees
    * Quotes “” in post names fucks alt-texts
    * Nestled cats may get excluded
    * Include sub-categories when counting posts
    * Include link target attribute
    * Custom sort order for archives
    * Custom sort order for posts in categories
    * I18N

    Open To Selection breaks archive tree. Again.
    RSS icons are not displayed in IE if count is on.
    Have yet to actually run it on WP2.7 beta. 🙂

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  • * “Close same level” is broken
    – Fixed!

    * Per-tree truncation setting
    * More CSS options available from the admin
    * More robust CSS styling (!important-property on img-styles)
    * Improve the admin screen feng-shui.
    * Allow user to shut down unused trees entirely. (performance!)
    * Runs in WP 2.7 beta

    Settings are not initialized correctly. (visit the settings page after uploading this version!)
    + all of the above. 🙂

    Sorry. Are you saying there is a new beta after 3.4.3?

    The development version linked above is continuously being worked on. It’s just the trunk packaged in a zip. I’ll try and update this thread every time there’s a sizeable commit.

    This will only apply until WP 2.7 is released, at which time I hope to do a stable release of WP-dTree. Thus – if you see this thread bumped by me, please update and keep on testing 🙂

    * exclude posts from category tree
    * more robust ‘open to selection’
    * moved config to “settings”-section of admin

    I’ll try and enable having nodes being both links and open to reveal their children.

    This style bug in IE irks me. As does the ‘RSS-icons don’t show in IE when postcount is on’-bug.

    …I’d like to clean up the settings page’s ‘back-end’ too. It’s a horrible block of if(isset(_POST[‘blabla’])) and it confuses the hell out of me. 🙂

    * Fixed: RSS icons are not displayed in IE if count is on.
    * Cleanup on the admin screen backend. (please report breakage!)
    * Replaced <p> for <span> in widget. (fixes this)
    * some CSS-updates (explicit line height and text justification)

    Please test the hell out of this, and report any issues. With any luck there’ll be no more updates until WP 2.7 is here.

    I did break the admin panel: empty checkboxes wasn’t properly saved. Should be fixed now though. 🙂

    * Added “force open to
    * Added a Widget preview to the admin area

    3.5 has been released. Enjoy. 🙂

    hm, when upgrading, using the automatic upgrade plugin, my sidebar remains empty. also when emptying the cash 🙁 wp version 265

    I don’t know the ‘automatic upgrade plugin’. Try upgrading manually or using the WordPress built-in update function. Go to the WP-dTree settings and make sure everything is set correctly. (The admin has undergone a major overhaul, so some settings might be wrong after upgrading.)

    And finally – link please.

    youlll find he site here. the admin seems right to me? the upgrade plugin is here

    Your blog can not include the javascript ’cause you’ve got the wrong permissions on it.

    Just set your file permissions straight again. (ask your host if you don’t know what that means)

    right, how did that happen? I’ve put the whole wpdtree folder on 755, and now it works. Thanks!

    When selecting a page as the front page of the blog in the settings area of admin, the wp-dtree plugin is setting the link to that page as the blog url.

    This is keeping that link on the navigation from expanding when on one of its child pages.

    Can this be worked on and changed in the next version release? Right now, the url in the cache file has to be edited to the actual page link to make the expanding work anytime there is a page change that recreates the cache.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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