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  • We spent $210 for the developer version of this plugin. From the start we had issues with getting it to work correctly. Namely it was not properly saving settings in the admin, it was sporadic when rendering packages on the front end, and we were repeatedly getting a “link expired” error after using a download link despite not setting it to do so. We attempted several “fixes” provided by the author’s support team, including the immediate updating of the plugin during all this due to a bug we discovered.
    After 3-days of trying to get the plugin to work we decided to go with another solution, and requested a refund. After a considerable amount of back and forth emails from the company that developed this plugin, we were told the only way they would issue a refund is if we provided them access to our admin control panel to see if they could determine what the issues were. This was completely unreasonable to us as it is a well know fact you NEVER give your WordPress login details to a third party.
    I would highly recommend only using the free version of this plugin, and do NOT pay for the Dev or Premium versions of this plugin. If you have compatibiality issues, and do not wish to allow them access to your admin, they will REFUSE to give you a deserved refund.
    [ link to incorrect plugin removed ]

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  • Apologies. Posted to the wrong plugin due to similar naming conventions.

    Should have bee posted to the “WordPress Download Manager” plugin.

    My apologies.

    Moderator cubecolour



    Moved to miscellaneous as this topic was pinned to the wrong plugin and is not about the free version of a plugin.

    Normally topics about non-free versions of plugins are not accommodated here, but I would suggest you could resolve this issue in much more satisfactory manner by giving the developer access to a clone of your site either at a sub-domain or on a development server. Obviously use a different admin username/password to your live version.

    I appreciate your comments, and it was regrettable that I posted to the wrong plugin.

    In regards to your solution, I should not have to take the time and expense to do what you’re suggesting. That is just ludicrous. The plugin should just “work” out of the box, and if it does not, developers should not hassle customers about getting a refund.

    As far as whether it’s free or not, plugin developers put links and ads in their free versions to promote their paid versions, and people need to know that this plugin may have problems in the paid version that may not be so evident in the free version. I consider this a service to the WordPress community. We own many paid plugins and have never had an issue like this before.

    David McGuffin

    Moderator cubecolour



    In that case it looks like you’re stuck in a stalemate.

    As I mentioned before, business issues with non-free versions of plugins are not really appropriate for these forums, so I’m afraid I have to close this topic now.

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