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  • So, I downloaded Advanced Custom Fields so that I could create a field to accommodate a document description as well as one for a thumbnail to be used in Document Revisions shortcodes. My ultimate goal is to build a document library on a static page as well as use the shortcodes for different widgets for different pages to display related documents filtered by a category. I want to be able to display a list of documents either way, possibly broken down by category and be able to list some lead-in text to describe the document as well show a thumbnail.

    I was successful in creating the description field but realized when I was done that I have no earthly idea how to translate that through doc revision shortcodes. I can use ACM shortcodes to make the field appear but I can’t combine with the shortcode to get the documents to appear at the same time. Could you explain to me how I can correlate the two to work together and also once I create the thumbnail field, how I can relate it to images in the related document or media library? If I am going about this the hard way, I am open to suggestions. Thanks!

    A good example of what I am looking for is the “Related Posts” widget I have listed on this page:

    This is the shortcode on the backend, displaying through the widget:

    [catlist name=hivaids thumbnail=yes thumbnail_class=alignleft numberposts=5 date=yes excerpt=yes excerpt_size=280 orderby=date date_tag=i title_tag=strong excerpt_tag=p]

    in case there is something similar I am missing through document revisions.

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  • Another two issues with ACF + WP Document Revisions:

    1. I added a description field (like the OP), but it seems that I couldn’t update the document and save the entry unless I also made some other change to the document. After just adding a description, the “Update” button was disabled.
    2. If I use a rich text field for the description that has the Upload/Insert button, the document upload feature hijacks, so instead of inserting an image into the description field, the image becomes a “new version” of the existing document.

    This seems like a really great plugin, but the inability to add metadata (beyond taxonomies) to the document seems like a really downfall. Integration with ACF would be an awesome upgrade.

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