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    WP-Deadbolt is a plugin for WordPress 2.1

    In addition to the plugin, I have provided an alternate release that allows WordPress 2.0.x users to achieve the same result, however, doing so requires that you edit one core WordPress file, wp-register.php. The need for this stemmed from the lack of a hook in WordPress 2.0.6 and below.

    WP-Deadbolt (the plugin) and deadbolt (the alternate release) provide a means for WordPress blog admins to restrict certain e-mails from being registered.

    For instance, do you get a lot of signups from a domain that appears to be spammy? Now you can block them from registering with that e-mail address.

    Don’t like gmail, or hotmail? Block em with a deadbolt. Done deal.

    Details on both files, and downloads are available at


    PS: If the neccessary hook that is provided in 2.1 is later added to the 2.0.x series, the 2.1 plugin version will work. At this time, as of 2.0.6 it does not.

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