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    i have just set up a new blog and have set everything up for an automatic backup with email. i have tested it doing a manual backup, and the backup is there but it never gets emailed.

    the backup is only 389K (i only have a couple of posts and images as i just set it up). if i go to ‘manage database backup’, i can select the file and click ’email’ and i receive the email. i have entered the same email address that is in my wordpress settings and white listed in my spam filter. any ideas? also, is emailing my database really that important?

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    You may want to check your server error_log or get your host to do it to see why it is not being mailed out. because the script may encounter an execution timeout.

    I will not say it is important but it is good to have. You can always FTP in to your server and get the backups.

    thanks lester. i will have my host check my error_log. would my host be able to alter the time before the server causes the script to timeout?

    Plugin Author Lester Chan


    Should be able to, default is 30s because I have no idea how much load your server is taking and how long does the script needs to be executed.

    I also wonder does your host allows sending of email with attachement from scripts.

    Emailed DB backups are working for me on one WP3.0.1 install but not on another that is on the same server. Actually, the email never worked on the first install, which started out at WPMu v2.7 and then upgraded through each version that came along to current.

    The other install started with WPMu v2.9.2 and upgraded through 3.0 to 3.0.1 and it always sent emailed backups. This alerted me to the fact that the first install wasn’t sending them. Thought that I’d not set the first install to do that but settings in both are identical.

    i started out on 3.0 and just upgraded to 3.0.1 today hoping it would help, but no luck.

    i am following up with my host tomorrow to see if there is a time out issue or if they don’t allow scripts to email an attachment.

    mystery solved.

    i whitelisted the email coming that arrived using the ’email’ button and didn’t whitelist the email generated by the script. it is now apparent to me that spam assassin sees them differently. doh.

    thanks so much everyone for all of your help/advice. i am always learning.


    I revisited the setting page on the install that wasn’t emailing backups, changed a setting, committed it, changed it back to what I wanted, committed and a backup email from that database arrived this morning, along with the one from the other install. Guess it just needed a wake-up call.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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