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    This is a nice plugin with a little and quite annoying bug. It keeps warning me that my backup folder might be visible and that I need to move the .htaccess file.

    Problem is (most probably) that the plugin is looking in a hardcoded wp-content folder while I moved my folder to another location using the available options in wp-config to use another folder than wp-content.

    Since the name of wp-content is configurable, I think it should not be hardcoded in the plugin. It’s rather annoying to have this warning in my face all the time while I have set up my security pretty well.

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    Sort of solved this one already.

    I’m using a WordPress MU installation for 5 personal sites with own domains and no registration-option. So therefore I normally just “Network Activate” all plugins, so I have them available on all sites.

    I found that if I enable wp-dbmanager for just one site, it doesn’t show the warning. This is okay since all sites share the same DB anyway, so no real need to network-activate the plugin in the first place.

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