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  • Same here, stopped emailing backups a couple of weeks ago. It works if I go in to backup manually and emails it through no problem, just stopped the schedule daily email backup.

    Anyone else experiencing these issues?


    Same here. All my sites have stopped emailing – many of them around 4 March.

    Same issue here as well. I have two sites that are using the same custom theme. The WP-DB-Backup plugin on test environment works as expected, emails, manual, etc… The current production environment only backs up to default folder. I am still trying to determine the cause and what the difference is between the two. Both sites are running WP 3.3.2

    Me too. However, it still seems to work on one of my sites, though it stopped working on the other. It works on my 1and1 hosted site, but on the company’s GoDaddy hosted site, it no longer e-mails; just saves to the the server folder. Weird.

    Hi Brandon,

    Almost identical to my experience except that the Godaddy site where it does work is a slow, low cost shared server and where it quit emailing and only saves locally, is on a Godaddy Dedicated Virtual environment.

    Hmmmmm….Makes me think I am going to call GoDaddy today.

    I wonder if any of the other people that are having this issue in this thread are on Godaddy hosted servers?

    just thought I’d add my own experience:
    running wordpress 3.3.2, with Multi-site on, 2 sites running.
    Host : 1and1

    I had setup the plugin for daily email backup.
    When I went for the latest WP update (3.3.2) I noticed that emails had been missing for at least 2 months on one of the sites. The other working fine, still sending email everyday.

    Same as @brandon: Backup files are still generated everyday,as I can find them on the server, but not being sent.

    Will try to go back to previous version, seems like some people solved the issue that way. Will post back here if it works.

    I have some working and some not working – all on the same Hostgator reseller account. So it does not seem to be the host that matters.

    My hosting provider is iPage It makes no difference.

    I reckon we could play “list the plugins,” to see if we can observe any correlation. I’ll go first: “Akismet, Brightcove Video Player (customized), Categories to Tags Converter Importer, Disqus Comment system, Facebook Events Widget, iframe, Jetpack by, RSS Responsive Caption, ShareThis, Simple Facebook Connect, Tweet Blender, WordPress Database Backup, WP-Polls, WPtouch”

    I have too: Akismet, Jetpack by, WordPress Database Backup. But all of my sites have them. But only 4 or 5 sites have mistakes with the backups. I think it’s a wrong way.

    Lots in common:

    Here are pluginsd for

    All in One SEO Pack
    Customized Recent Comments
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Jetpack by
    Regenerate Thumbnails
    Simple 301 Redirects
    Subscribe To Comments
    WordPress Database Backup
    WordPress Importer
    WordPress Related Posts
    WPtouch Pro

    as promised, I post again: going back to version 2.2.2 made the emails work again.

    So now I’m running WP 3.3.2 with multi-site on, 2 sites on, and the pluging WP DB backup – version 2.2.2. And the plugin is working.

    FYI, other plug-ins installed:
    Addthis social bookmarking widget
    Contact Form 7
    Health Check
    HTML import 2
    My Page Order
    Revision control
    Twitter tools
    Widget Logic
    Wordpress mobile edition
    XML Google Maps

    If you’re in a hurry to get it back working, I’d say just downgrade to 2.2.2 as the latest upgrade does not have security change.
    And vote on the plug-in page on, to say that it is “not working”!


    I’ve been using Matzko’s backup utility for years. It always seems to backup to the server okay, and I can ftp the backups to my local pc. It’s a nice plugin, except…

    Periodically, it will stop e-mailing backups to me, for weeks, for no apparent reason. This has happened several times since I first installed it. Then, again for no apparent reason, it starts e-mailing again. The e-mail function has been down now for weeks. I’ve tried uninstall/re-install, resetting the parameters, etc. Nothing jumpstarts it.

    I also use Lester Chan’s WP-DBManager. (I like redundant backups!) I’ve never had a problem with it. It reliably backs up to the server AND e-mails the backups to me. (I have no affiliation with either programmer.)

    I’ll leave Matzko’s backup running a bit longer, but if it doesn’t start e-mailing again, I’ll remove it and try something else. Too bad. I know it’s free, so I’m not complaining, but for such a popular plugin, it’s a shame he hasn’t updated it.

    BTW, if your backups hang, his suggestion to increase the time for MOD_EVASIVE_DELAY has worked for me.

    Thanks for the pointer to Lester Chan’s WP-DBManager. If you’ve never had a problem with it that has to be a recommendation.

    The only problem I’ve seen with Chan’s is same with many other plug-ins. They are a total mess in Admin.

    Chan’s works well, but because I’m running two backup plugins, it’s hard to remember which is which in Admin! Chan’s creates control sections under the “Database” item in the Admin menu, while Matzko’s creates a page under “Tools” — yet there are control items for “WP-DBManager” in both sections!

    I’ve had to write a mini-manual that I can refer to each time I go in there to manage the two! I wish programmers would pay a bit more attention to the user interface. But that’s begging for better free food! Kudos to both these guys for making these tools avail for free!

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