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  • I’m using wordpress 2.7.1 and wp-backup 2.2.2.

    For whatever reason email backups are not getting sent. Manual works fine and the plugin works fine on another site on the same server.


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  • I have the same problem.

    Same problem here. But it appears that this has been happening for some time, looking at my backup emails – only 3 of my sites have been backing up. Many more have not, even though they are all scheduled and use the same email address.

    I am also having problems with the email address form when trying to do a manual backup to an email address. I can’t type into the form, when I first click on it the email address highlights, but pressing delete submits the form, I can’t manually select the email address by dragging. Very weird stuff.

    Same problem here – it was working (e-mailing) for ages but has now stopped automatically sending e-mails. The scheduled backup files are all there in the backup directory, but no e-mail arrives anymore. Can’t be sure which updated version of WP it stopped working with though! 🙁

    Manual, download option, works fine. It’s just the e-mail (scheduled or now) that isn’t sent (well, at least doesn’t arrive). How can I check the e-mail is being sent? BTW, other WP features are happily continuing to send e-mails…

    FWIW, same here. For 2 years approx, while it went smoothly before.

    Got 2.8.5 and version 2.2.2 of that plugin sending me hourly backups.

    Hi Michael –
    I have just built my first WP site and am looking for the best automatic backup plugins. checking forums to be sure they actually work.

    So are you saying it is working for you and you are getting the emails?

    I was getting weekly backups emailed to me just fine. Switched to daily backups and they no longer get emailed, just collect in the backup directory. Switched back to weekly and it still doesn’t work. Receive other WordPress emails without problems. Using WordPress 2.9.2. Tried deleting and reinstalling the plugin. Also tried deleting and reinstalling WordPress. This is very discouraging.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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