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  • Everything appears to backup fine, but no email is sent (when choosing to send an email), or nothing is downloaded (when choosing to download). Looks like the best, simplest backup solution out there. Can anyone help me get this working?

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  • OK, I found all these backups in the backup folder on my server. I guess this will work, but I’d still like it emailed to me if possible. PLease help.

    I’m having the same issue. Just did a manual backup and it didn’t email it to me, just stuck it on the server.



    I’m running two blogs. One sends my backups my email correctly, but the other keep them on the server.
    And, how can be files kept on the server deleted? When I try via FTP I get a “Permission denied” response…

    Same issue in WP 3.0.5 – doesn’t download to my computer, doesn’t do separate email after backup. Found files in backup folder on server.
    Scheduled backup goes to correct email address.

    Not working at all!!…it doesn´t send the acko to my email and it doesn´t download it.

    Hi, having the same problem with this plugin. Any news from the developer with regard to this issue? Backups okay on the server, but no email is received.

    Just found this problem tonight. Don’t have a clue why before I was getting regular emailed backups or able to save it on my own but I just found them all in my ftp as well. Can download them but can’t delete them from the ftp so they’re piling up.

    Seems like they’re not providing support for this plugin.

    Same problem for me. After the upgrading to 3.1.0 the plugin suddenly stopped working. I found the backup files on my server, but the scheduled function doesn’t send any backup file via email.

    Is there anybody out there?

    Same here. It doesn’t do the email of backups. Would love to get this working again.


    Same problem here, for over 4-5 months. It did start working again at one point but then stopped again.

    Yep, same problem here. I’ve used this plugin faithfully for years. Sad it’s not working.

    Same problem here but only with 2 out of 10 of my blogs. I suspect it has something to do with the size of the databases on those 2 blogs as they are way bigger than my other blogs.

    Still no resolution yet, but I’m pretty much down to script timeout, memory limit, or anything of the sort.

    No one figured this out yet?

    I would suggest to get another plugin that’s been updated, there a few that work fine. Sadly I liked this one and its interface but hey what can you do, when it’s not working, it’s not working.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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