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  • After upgrading to the most recent version [2.2.3], on a multisite installation (4 blogs), suddenly the plugin stopped sending the daily backup emails.

    I just went in to the admin and ran two backups manually — one to download, which was never downloaded (though it went to 100% and said was finished), and one to send via email (it completed and said the email was sent but I never received it).

    The plugin has worked flawlessly for 2 years or so up until this upgrade. On single-site blogs, I don’t have this problem… the plugin is still working fine after upgrading.

    The db isn’t too big — 3megs…

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  • Just wanted to follow up on this. Yes, daily backups stopped being emailed the day after I upgraded to 2.2.3. I’ve now downgraded to 2.2.2 and everything is working fine again.

    The only thing I can think of it the plugin isn’t installed on “blog 1” but on “blog 2″… but this hasn’t mattered for years. I’m not going to test it out.

    Obviously an issue with 2.2.3…


    So one day later I received the scheduled backup email…

    2.2.3 doesn’t work for me.

    I’ve got this same issue on 2 blogs hosted by the same provider. 2.2.3 does not send emails for me. 2.2.2 works as expected.

    If I figure out why I’ll let you know.

    Seems it might be to do with RAM limits.

    I added this line to the wp-db-backup.php file and 2.2.3 is now working for me:

    @ini_set(‘memory_limit’, 64M);

    Same problem for me. My memory limit is 256M as set by my host, but will try the @ini_set suggestion.


    My host sets the limit to 32M but WordPress increases this to 256M for the admin pages and some other tasks.

    I think that because the backup is normally scheduled of ‘out of hours’ and is therefore called by a hit on a viewer facing page on the site the hosting default memory limit will be used – in my case 32M.

    By increasing resources available to the database backup plugin script I’ve fixed issues on my site. It may be the 256M limit you see is the WordPress increased limits rather than the site default, since reducing the memory limit should make the script less likely to work!

    This didn’t work for me… I’m going back to 2.2.2.

    BTW, code should be (at least on my server):

    @ini_set('memory_limit', '64M');

    My upgrade to version 2.2.3 also resulted in a loss of functionality. I do not receive scheduled or manual backup emails. I will try downgrading to 2.2.2. I am using WP version 3.0.5.

    Same here. Downgraded to 2.2.2 and everything works again.

    I can confirm that downgrading to 2.2.2 solved my issue about not receiving scheduled or manual backup emails — this plugin is now working as it always did.

    Hello, This is one of my faves plugins and a must have, however, since I upgraded to WordPress 3 it has stopped working.

    I downgraded to versioin 2.2.2 as suggested by other users and its working

    I hope Filosofo or someone else with plugins experience can have some time to figure out what could be wrong with this issue.

    im having the same problem after upgrading to wp 3.1



    Why not just have it backed up and sent to a gmail account. You get 7 gigs there. I have a gmail called I log in and see back ups from a year ago. Its awesome

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