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    I just downloaded the WP Customer Reviews plug in and when reviews are input I get the email saying I have a review to approve, but when I go into my admin area to manage the reviews there are no reviews there. I’ve tried over and over but nothing. I even tried deactivating and deleting the plugin and then re-downloading. Help! I’m wasting too much time on this…

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  • Plugin Author gowebsol


    rwillen, we’ll check on this. What version of the plugin are you using? Thanks!

    I’m using 1.1.7

    I just downloaded it yesterday.

    Thanks! It was working for a while yesterday. Not today.

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    Hi rwillen,

    Do you use any type of caching plugins at all? Query caching, Object cache, etc.. If you could provide a list of plugins, it would be helpful.

    Also.. what do the #’s next to Pending(#) and Trash(#) say? Are they all 0, or do they have a number. If they have an number, and you click to view All, Pending, Approved, Trash.. let me know what you see.

    Side note – 1.1.8 will be released in a few minutes, but I don’t think anything that was updated would cause or affect this issue you are having.


    Using these plugins: All the numbers read 0 next to pending, etc….I’ve tried entering the reviews 4 times. each time I get a confirmation email to approve them and each time there are no reviews to approve in the box.

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    WP Customer Reviews

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    Try upgrading to 1.1.8 and let me know if that helps. I don’t see anything that would cause this except for WordPress caching queries or your browser caching the page.

    #1 – When you are on the page where you should see the reviews in admin – Try holding down CTRL and hitting F5 in your browser. You can also try going into settings and clearing your cache. Then refresh the page.

    — If #1 does not solve anything, WordPress itself is probably holding onto the first queries it ran on the database, where the count was 0.

    FYI – There is a good tutorial on how to clear browser caches here:

    #2 – WordPress must be caching the queries when they were first ran. If clearing your browser cache does not solve the problem, then let me know and I will check on making those admin queries be different every time.. via some magic.

    If #1 fixed the problem, also let me know so I can check on adding some anti caching headers to that admin page.

    Thanks for the report.. We’ll get it figured out.


    Well…those suggestions did not work. Cleared cache. Reset Safari. Tried the F5 button thing….nada.

    So now what? The reviews were there yesterday for a while. Today they are gone. Weird.

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    Weird.. the only thing I can think of .. is that they are not being added to the database or somehow they got removed from the database. Let me do some searching and I’ll try to come up with a test for you to try.

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    What theme are you using?

    Yesterday the reviews all appeared again like magic. Today they are still there too. So it was wierd but now has seemed to miraculously fixed itself. Now…two questions.

    1. How do I change the size or font of these review posts? The font is huge and each review takes up a lot of space. I’d like them to be smaller, more compact.
    2. The “box” the review is in is gray. Any way to change this color?
    3. Does the page just scroll on forever as more reviews come in or does it go to another page somewhere?

    to see the page go to:

    Thanks, Rachel

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    You can adjust the settings for the number of reviews per page. I believe the default is 10.

    You (or a designer/developer) can change the font size and colors in your themes CSS. This way it will make it through any plugin upgrades.

    I’m having the same issue… But my review didn’t appear, I already turned all Cache disabled on WP, tryed all the stuff up on this thread and nothing… anything that I need to do? How to check it the data is stored into the database? thanks!

    Btw… plugin list, I remove all the cache plugins…

    Better Protected Pages
    Blogger Importer
    Comment Reply Notification
    Google Analyticator
    Multi-level Navigation Plugin
    WordPress Importer
    WP Customer Reviews
    WP Super Popup

    Thanks for the support in advance!

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    I don’t see anything that would conflict. If you have access to phpmyadmin (by itself, or via cpanel), you can look in your wordpress database itself and find the reviews table. You could then check to see if it is even storing anything in the database at all.

    If the review shows up -anywhere- , it is definitely in the database, and the front-end code works the same as the back-end code.

    I find it very odd that people are having issues on the backend with a simple query.

    Please check that there is the table available on my DB…

    0 entries…

    What to do now?


    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    Why is it called phpbb_wpcreviews? Do you have some type of phpbb <-> wordpress integration? If so, that is overwriting some wordpress variables (table prefix) which could be causing some major issues. I’m not sure how it could possibly create that automatically with the phpbb prefix?

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