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  • I haven’t downloaded the plugin yet, but was wondering if anybody can leave a review without logging in?

    Seems that there could be spam reviews or fake reviews with allowing a person to just leave a review without at least some sort of signing up for the website/blog?

    Can this be implemented currently?

    2nd question, is there a way to respond to a review?

    Thanks for any info…

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  • Hi, to answer your first question, there’s a plugin called Shortcodes Ultimate, which has [members] and [guests] shortcodes, so you can decide whether certain content should be shown only to people who are logged in ([members]) or only to people who are not logged in ([guests]). I’ve been showing the reviews only to guests, and the reviews plus the review form to members.

    To answer your 2nd question, yes you can respond to a review in the “review moderation” screen.

    Hope that helps!

    Hi, the above way does work but if (like me) you have several posts/pages with reviews it will take a long time to manually go in and insert the code.

    I played around with wp-customer-reviews.php and I am not a developer at all and I got it working, I am so happy! I need to test on chrome to make sure it works as IE and FF are ok.

    What I did….download WordPress Access Control pluggin.

    Edit wp-customer-reviews.php and around line 1056 I inserted a [member] and on line 1075 (after the </tbody> I inserted the closing [/member]

    Then just after the [/member] I added [nonmember] Please login to post a review[/nonmember] and it worked…:)

    Check my website.

    Being a non techy I am realy happy as I was going to pay for this!

    What I would like now is for an avatar on the reviews!

    In case anyone else is trying to do this, I thought I’d share the way I accomplished this task.

    By editing “wp-customer-reviews.php”, I added the following if/then else to the code.

    Find line 1026 and you will see “$req_js .= “</script>\n”;”, directly under that but above “if ($this->options[‘goto_show_button’] == 1) {“, you need to begin by adding “if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {” so that it should read as follows:

    $req_js .= “</script>\n”;

    if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {

    if ($this->options[‘goto_show_button’] == 1) {

    Then at the bottom of the function, just below this line at approx. line #1072 “$out4 .= ‘<div class=”wpcr_clear wpcr_pb5″></div>’;”, you need to add the following:

    } else {
    $out .= ‘Please login to post a review…’;

    Which is directly above this line:
    “return $out . $out2 . $out3 . $out4;”

    So the bottom of the function should read as follows:

    $out4 .= ‘<div class=”wpcr_clear wpcr_pb5″></div>’;

    } else {
    $out .= ‘Please login to post a review…’;

    return $out . $out2 . $out3 . $out4;

    Good luck and please note that the output message for the guests is very generic and can be modified by changing the html where it says “Please login to post a review…”.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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