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    I am in the midst of building a new site for our business. We had anticipation of creating a solution that allowed us to have a e-commerce solution. I had your plugin installed and it worked beautifully until i installed wp-ecommerce.

    Has anyone else had this issue? work arounds? I touched base with my theme builder in thoughts it was something with that, but it was not. I then began to troubleshoot based on the plugins I had installed.

    Any help would be great.

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    What does it do (or not do) when wp-ecommerce is installed.. There is a possible issue (on their end) of starting output before wordpress does, which makes it incompatible with most plugins.

    I am trying to create automatic workarounds for poorly created plugins/themes that decide their output is more important than hooking into wordpress the proper way, so any details you can give would be helpful.


    Everything installs perfectly. On the designated testimonials page, the button with the appropriate text appears, upon click of the button, there is no action. The form will not display.

    I am thinking there is a conflict with the javascript.

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    Very possible. Could you provide a link to the actual page?

    yes, it is in development… I have the test directory password protected… please use the following..

    username – bompus
    password – review

    When you are done, let me know and I will delete the username

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    If you can, open up the header file for the template and search for:


    The first line should resemble something like this:
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=” … jquery.js”></script>

    Try placing a comment around that line, so its like:
    <!— <script type=”text/javascript” … —>

    Save and then retry. You may also want to move the wp_head() function so it calls that on the line right before </head>.

    Short summary: The wp-ecommerce theme in use doesn’t obey wordpress standards for enqueueing scripts.

    If you can’t find that line in your templates header file, it must be injected by wp-ecommerce, or another plugin.. We’ll cross our fingers and hope the above fixes it.


    Simply amazing…

    I didn’t think to comment out that line, I looked at the header.php but didn’t cross my path…

    Everything works now. Thanks for your diligence and support, you have a great plugin. Is there a place for donations on your site?

    Also, sorry to hijack this thread into a different request, but can you install the comment widget on more than one page?

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    You’re welcome. We have added a spot for donations on our page here:

    Right now the reviews can only be used on a single page. We do have plans for a future version to allow multiple pages to be selected and reviews would be associated with those pages. It’s a lot of work, so I don’t have an ETA yet.. but it’s up there on the todo list.

    Thanks for the kind words and hope it works great for you.

    You are welcome, I actually went through a few(10 or so) review and testimonial plugins, and you by far have the best one. The UI and display is great and just what I was looking for. I look forward to the updates.

    I will post a donation shortly.

    Upon further testing of this, commenting out the inclusion of that jquery.js file caused the theme objects I have in place to not work.

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    The themes are probably trying to access jQuery using the $ wildcard, which I believe is turned off in the default WordPress version of jQuery. I’m really curious as to why the theme designer decided to use their own inclusion of jQuery.. it’s possible that theme was made before jQuery was included in WordPress by default?

    But how come it works with the them when I have WP-ecommerce uninstalled, but as soon as install WP-ecommerce it breaks…

    I don’t believe it is the theme, but it is strange that they are including their own mandatory jQuery file

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    I think it’s time to ask the WP-ecommerce developers about any incompatibility issues with that theme and their plugin. It doesn’t seem to be an issue related to this plugin any longer, but is actually a problem with some sort of (odd) jQuery issue between the theme and the ecommerce plugin.

    Let me know what you find out.. I’m curious.

    Thank you, I will see what I can come up with.

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    Hi elronino,

    You can try 1.2.3 as soon as it shows up for upgrade as well. We reworked some hooks, which shouldn’t affect this problem, but you never know.


    Sorry to restore this topic for you, but has their been any findings in why there is a conflict with WP-ecommerce?

    I haven’t had a chance to contact the developers of wp-ecommerce yet, and figured I would start with you.

    Also, I wanted to inquire about admin generated reviews. I know that really defeats the purpose of your plugin, but it might fix my issue

    The other thought I had was to have the form to initially be shown. Is there way to initiate that? I am not concerned with having the form be hidden at this point.

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