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  • would somebody help me? 🙂

    Roy Tanck


    Hi Matthew. Please see the faq for more info on this. It will point you to a post I did that details how to add support for your language.

    changing the code a bit could help a lot with polish characters:

    $tagcloud = urlencode( remove_accents(str_replace( ” “, ” “, ob_get_clean() ) ) );

    Any chance to get this done in next release?

    Roy Tanck


    I considered adding that in in the 1.20 release. However, this would make it impossible to get the accents working by changing the Flash movie. I realize not everyone has Flash or knows how to use it, but one of my reasons for going open source with this was so that people would be able to create and release language-specific versions of the Flash movie.

    If I remove accents in the PHP code, adding them to the Flash movie wouldn’t bring them back. Besides, the change is quite easy to add if you’re unable to edit the Flash. I could make it configurable through the options page (accent removal on/off) but I’m trying to keep the number of options to a minimum for usability, and I’m not sure how many people (countries) this affects.

    I’ll try and include this in a post I’m preparing about the most common WP-Cumulus hacks.

    Of course, there is a source for the plugin available and anyone who is tech savvy enough can do that. But this is pretty annoying in the situation when you update your plugins via WP automatic upgrade system – which allows you to perform the upgrade from your browser, basically anywhere. For me, such upgrade requires necessary steps – I need to FTP to my hosting provider, download the source, fix it (and remember how), then upload it back and check for results. This is pretty annoying and error prone.

    I know that Flash movie can be fixed, but such fixed version is overwritten every time I upgrade the plugin, so it brings me back to the first solution. Adding the option would help users like me a lot – this is the only plugin from many I use that requires manual fixes each time I upgrade.

    I’m not sure how many diacritic characters the flash movie contains but I believe that many of people are affected by this. I can speak only for myself but on a few occasions I seriously considered removing the plugin, despite the fact I love it.

    There’s another solution that doesn’t require adding options. Wp-cumulus could check the active language setting and if it is different from those languages that don’t require accents keep the encoding as it is now, and for remaining languages (including Polish) activate remove_accents() function.

    What about other alphabets, for example Russian or Armenian? Do you plan do something for full unicode support? Or may be there is some possibilities to do it by my own?

    Thanks in advance.



    Thanks, I’ve found your mannual on adding new letters and made it myself:

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