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  • To begin with, I thank you for this great plugin.

    What about the cpu usage ?

    Displaying the current latest wp cumulus on my blog, I remarked that the cpu usage is incredibly high.

    Is there a way to “cut” the display process when the mouse is not over the flash ?

    ( and calling it to reactivate the process, like an “interrupt” in our x86 CPUs )


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  • Roy Tanck


    Flash has a tendency to hog the cpu, without actually causing the PC to become sluggish. The numbers that Windows reports are usually a bit overdrawn. On my Intel E6600-based PC the movie never causes more than 25% processor load, and I can have several playing at the same time without the machine becoming unresponsive. The movie will stop animating after the mouse exits, which should help a little,

    That being said, WP-Cumulus is basically a toy, and I guess everyone has to decide for themselves whether it is worth the extra weight. Making the movie smaller (in terms of display dimensions) will help a little.


    well Yes, but in the same time WP-Cumulus is an interresting extra.

    With some of my old computer, it can brind the CPU up to 40% (under linux).

    So i find it strange, and I ‘m there is a way to “cut” the process.

    If the flash cannot itself ( i’m not a flah expert ) maybe with some flash + javascript.

    Roy Tanck


    For the next version, I’ll look into actually stopping some loops if the movie isn’t animating. That should really cut down on processor time.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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