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  • Here’s my feedback, but I don’t think you’re going to like it: answer the questions on your forum!

    I considered buying some of your “pro” products until I checked out your forum. I won’t buy anything from a company that sets up a forum and totally ignores it. It seems like you set up a place to send people asking for support just so they’ll just leave you alone. It’s worse than robotic voice mail black holes!

    I’m sorry, that you didn’t find answer on our forum. Every minute we’re not answering your question, we’re trying to improve our plugins for all our users.

    As you now, we have Premium Request system. If you have issues, that you want to be solved immediately, you can use it. If your issue caused by our bug, we’ll return support funds. Every our Premium Features buyers gets equal amount of support funds on their accounts. You can post your question on our support forum as a premium one, and one of us will take care of you. You can also post it as a non-premium, and somebody from the community may help you out.



    What Alaskan said. I’d link again to my own unanswered questions, but what’s the point?

    I’ve just gone and installed a real CRM system (vTiger) on my webhost instead. I wanted something more integrated with WordPress, but this unsupported project doesn’t seem like the right one. 🙁

    Every Premium Request become answered less then in 24 hours.

    I can suggest to ask questions. I can’t answer it if you’re not asking.

    Please, wait for new release. It will be very soon. It’ll fix most of forum issues.



    Denys, your patience with these is amicable.

    I’m not looking for anything free, Anders, but thanks for the offensive name-calling.

    I’m willing to pay, in fact, I want to pay. The reason I’m not buying from this company is because they put up a forum offering free support for their free plugin….and then promoted that forum here.

    I visit the forum and what do I find? At least a dozen questions over the last several months with no replies. Zip. Ziltch. Nada.

    Why, exactly, did they ask people to visit a “support” forum if they intended to ignore it? They had no interest in helping people — they just wanted free beta testers.

    All forum issues are solved. Isn’t it the best help? New version will be released today or tomorrow. It depends on how much time we’ll have to do this. We’re trying to do it as soon as possible.

    We don’t have free beta testers. All our beta testers received all our premium features for free. And did not complain. WP-CRM is free. Support forum – place where users can help each other. Have a look at our WP-Property forum. If we have free time we help for free too. But we just can’t help people who use our free plugin for free all day long. As you understand, it’s just impossible. It’s our job. We don’t have another one. We can’t do everything for free.

    You said nothing about your issue. Are you sure, you have any?

    I count 11 questions on your forum that have been ignored. If the “issues have been solved” then why haven’t you told anyone…..or fixed the plugin?

    Again, I wanted to buy from you, but seeing how you handle support requests changed my mind. If you don’t want to offer free support, that’s perfectly fine….so don’t host a forum offering free support!

    FWIW, My issues are the same as all the unanswered questions….the messages posted by the admin don’t save, and the form is insecure because it overwrites user information in the database simply by entering an email address that’s already registered. These two things make the plugin basically useless.

    No need to answer me now, though, because I uninstalled it. I bought the “WordPress Email Ticket Support Plugin” from dtbaker. So far, so good.

    We fixed our plugin. Those issues are solved. It has 5,918 Downloads and still free. Sorry, but I don’t see sense in answering 11 same questions. You have right to choose. Thank you for that.

    I hate to break it to you, but your plugin is not fixed. I was using the current version (0.30.1) and those very major issues still exist.

    These issues are fixed. We’re testing plugin to avoid another bugs. New release can be today.

    Plugin Author Andy Potanin



    Your argument about us having a forum offering support, yet not answering your questions, is invalid on many levels. We can start with the most obvious, at the top of the forum there is a large header stating “Community Forums”. The word community strongly implies community interaction, nothing more, nothing less. Furthermore, we set up a page to clear up any further confusion, linked to from nearly every forum page, I am inserting it here in case you missed it:

    To sum it up, no profit seeking company in the world is going to invest money into labor to answer every single question you may have in the hopes that you may one day spend $20 on a premium feature – that is not cost effective by any measure., for instance, has no free support, even after you purchase a $999 software.

    I am not sure where this entitlement mentality comes from – just because we released a product that we thought others might find useful – does not bind us to eternally helping every single person that may use it. Please familiarize yourself with the GNU license, a part of which I’ll put it here:

    “This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.”

    We make software, sometimes we release it publicly. We support it to the best of our ability, and have been doing it for a long time. You can browse through thousands of dead plugins and themes on if you are curious about the failure rate of free software.

    Seriously? Wow.

    at the top of the forum there is a large header stating “Community Forums”. The word community strongly implies community interaction, nothing more, nothing less.

    Did you even believe this as you were typing it, Andy? People that post questions are the community. The people that answer are the FORUM HOSTS. But you knew that, because…

    we set up a page to clear up any further confusion, linked to from nearly every forum page, I am inserting it here in case you missed it

    I repeat; it’s fine not to offer free support. Totally fine! Nobody expects you to, including me. But if your employees post a comment saying “We have own support forum. If you have any questions, please, visit it.” then you summarily ignore people?

    Not cool.

    No matter how you try to spin it.



    You guys might want to at least post a quick “might already be addressed in the new update; thanks for trying WP-CRM” to all the unanswered threads here and in your own forums, especially since you’re saying that many outstanding issues were addressed.

    Leaving all the threads unanswered gives a very bad impression.

    Just a suggestion.

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