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  • Left message on the forums. No response yet. I’ll update when it is fixed.

    The problem is that the backup zip file it creates is corrupt so restorations don’t work on the server. If the file is downloaded and opened in Winzip it does repair correctly and the data is fine to manually restore, but restoration through the plugin doesn’t work even with the repaired file.

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    Would you be willing to let us look at the .ZIP file that the plugin is creating for you?

    The plugin creates the ZIP archive based on the ZipArchive class that is *usually* compiled into PHP by most web hosts that support PHP.

    As you can imagine, there are a variety of things that could affect a successful ZIP file being created.

    If the script timeout setting is to low, the ZIP archive may not be finishing and not completing a valid archive.

    One thing that you could try is to increase the script_timeout directive in PHP, if your web host allows you to do that.

    In version 4.0 due out sometime this year, we’ll include an option to adjust script_timeout via ini_set() (still not a guarantee that web hosts’ will support ini_set).


    MyCodeTree Support Team

    I don’t mind sending a copy to you. Where would you like it sent?

    Had almost the same problem:

    the .zip file has +200Mb, when you open it appears only 1 file (.wpcmanifest) with only 1Kb.

    What´s wrong??



    If you open the file in Winzip it will probably auto-repair it so the other files can be extracted manually.

    I don’t have a fix tor the zip/restore issue yet.

    Thanks John!

    I opened with 7-Zip and a no-named folder appeared, the whole content was there 🙂



    Plugin Author codetree



    Can you send it to If it’s too big for email could you try dropbox or something?

    You might be hitting a memory limit on the server too, if the backup is exceptionally large.


    MyCodeTree Support Team

    Codetree – File sent over the weekend. Please update me once you know something. Also, my support topic on your forum is still awaiting moderation.

    Different site than the other one I just posted about — But I too am seeing a file that fails to restore.

    The full site backup, which when zipped shows to be 30MB large, downloaded and extracted shows only one file, .wpcmanifest for 1KB.

    It will not restore from server and it will not restore from disk.

    Using version WP Complete Version 3.0.5


    Plugin Author codetree



    Please try using WinRaR or 7-ZIP to unzip with. The native Windows zip utility (depending on the OS ver) doesn’t always like zip files that have been created by ZipArcive on Linux.

    Plugin Author codetree



    I haven’t received anything. Did you try to send a Dropbox link to it?


    I have uploaded it to Mediafire and sent you a link.

    Plugin Author codetree


    John Montgomery,

    I respondeded to you via email because was blacked out for the SOPPA protest when I responded.

    You need to open the archive with WinRaR or 7-ZIP. Sometimes the native windows zip utility doesn’t like to open archives that have base paths in them, especially on 64 bit operating systems. The archive however, is not corrupted, at least not the one you sent to me.



    I’m having the same problem…testing out this plugin to see if it could be a good replacement for the now defunct EZPZ OCB (which I LOVED, and was SO SAD to see go!) Looks like it works easy enough but even when I extract the zip file backup I’ve just got one file: .wpcmanifest and its just 1KB. I’m guessing that’s not right…I know there’s supposed to be a bunch of files in a backup!

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