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  • There is an issue with the plugin with the page repositioning during pagination. Here is a fix for this issue.

    The plugin is hiding the comment list then fading it back in when paging. This removes the height of the comment list, which changes the height of the page.

    On the cm.js file on line #74 there is this code: $list.hide().slice(currentPage*comPerPage,(currentPage+1)*comPerPage).fadeIn();

    Change this to: $list.hide().slice(currentPage*comPerPage,(currentPage+1)*comPerPage).show();
    That will get a simple hide and show with no fading animation and no page re-positioning. To fade the comment list out and in add this code underneath: $(‘ol.commentlist’).animate({ opacity: 0 },0).animate({ opacity: 1 });

    Will new code should read like this:
    $(‘ol.commentlist’).animate({ opacity: 0 },0).animate({ opacity: 1 });

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