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  • Plugin Author Aaron Reimann


    Missweblash, can you give us any more details?

    Plugin Author Aaron Reimann


    Missweblash, also, in the video and description of the plugin it says it only works with this custom role. I’m sorry that it doesn’t fit your needs in that way.

    Using an unmodified version of the plugin, I did the following (using WP 3.2.1 and PHP5 on my server)

    Installed the plugin
    Activated the plugin
    Created a new user (default level Subscriber)
    Changed their role to “File Sharer”
    Saved the user profile

    The plugin continued to complain that there were no users in that role, and no page had been created.

    Another thing I found is that if I uninstalled the plugin, the File Sharer role wasn’t deleted. Each time I tried to get the plug in working, it created another File Sharer role; I ended up with 6 (at least), all of which I had to remove because I couldn’t tell which one was the correct one to apply to the user.

    Also, no WP File Share page(s) were created.

    Looking at the PHP code it seemed a fairly trivial matter to swap out the “File Sharer” role for the one I would like to assign to (and to disable the making of the File Sharer role in the first place). This didn’t work either.

    Just out of interest, is there any particular reason the plugin was written to be tied to one particular role, rather than a user-defined role with (say) matching capabilities?

    I would also say that having a webcast is a great idea, but many organisations block video content. A text-based version of the instructions would be awesome.

    As it stands, we’ve resorted to using user-role based forums for sharing images. It’s rudimentary, but it works.

    Plugin Author Aaron Reimann


    The problem is that you are not doing what the video says. If you can’t watch the video because your organization blocks it, I’m sorry. The video says to create a user *AND* at the same time create them as a “File Sharer”. There is not a hook to create the pages when you change someone to a File Sharer.

    I will fix the duplicate role creation issue. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

    To answer this question:
    “is there any particular reason the plugin was written to be tied to one particular role, rather than a user-defined role with (say) matching capabilities?”

    Yes, there is a reason we went this route and it what we did fit the need perfectly.

    If it is a “fairly trivial matter” to get the plugin to do what you need please feel free to submit changes and I will do my best to implement them in the next release.

    Same problem; but I create new user and change status to «File Sharer» at the same time…

    I use WordPress 3.2.1 (french installation) on my own server with PHP5.
    -Disabled all plugins
    -Install Client File Share
    -Enable Client File Share
    -A private page appear for Client File Share
    -Go to «new user», create one with status to «file sharer»
    -No page were create for the user… :-S

    I try to install the plugin on more than one WordPress installation(just in case); no success.

    Is it can be the french installations of WordPress, the problem ?

    Thanks !

    Numerinos, I can’t think of any reason that the file share plugin would not work properly on a French install of WordPress (though I have not tested it on one). I would guess that it is more likely a conflict with the hosting platform or perhaps the theme. You mentioned that you disabled all plugins and tried the File Share plugin, did you also change to using the twenty ten theme and try it then as well?

    Yes, I try also with twenty ten theme and did not working… :-S

    How do I check the compatibility with my hosting plateform ? What parameter Do I must have to run this plugin ?

    It is the first time I can’t make a plugin work on this hosting… 😛

    Thanks a lot for helping me !

    Typically most platforms running wordpress will work correctly with the plugin, so the issue is likely not in the version of PHP or anything like that. It tends to be some of the other settings. The best case scenario would be for you to make me or Aaron an admin on your site and let us take a look at what the plugin is doing. If you want to move this conversation to email via our website I will try to help you further.

    Definitely not a problem with the french installation of WordPress; I am able to make it work on localhost installation.

    So, it is a hosting problem…
    Someone has a idea for what to search ? :-S

    Thanks ! I will contact you ! 🙂

    Carlo La Pera


    I did the following:
    – I installed the plugin
    – I attributed to a user (name: “Author”) the role of File Share
    – Changed the visibility of the page “WP Client File Share” from private to public
    – Created a new page called Author File Share as a parent by giving the Client File Share page WP
    – Set the visibility of both pages in private
    If I lodges with that user, Author, I see a white-screen and the url is: / wp-admin / profile.php;
    If I go, administrator, or the tab ‘File Share Client WP “under” File Share Users “I get:
    Author – View Page – Email User
    View Page link points to this url:

    I do not know if I’m wrong in something or is the plugin does not work.

    Version info:
    wordpress 3.3.1
    WP File Share Client 1.3.1

    Carlo La Pera


    After several attempts it works, but how can I give a user with role author the ability to read the pages of all users share files, just as it can give an administrator?



    I have the same problem. (i’m on french WP)
    When I go to the page /wp-client-file-share/ there is nothing. Just the title and comments.

    I have my own server so it is not about server restriction.

    And it work on localhost (wamp)



    Seems to be database prefix. (who is not “wp_”)

    Here you can rename it to fix problem

    Everything seems to go smoothly (on Bluehost-hosted site) but the email that gets sent to the new user logs him/her into a blank page.

    When I try to look at the page as an admin, the page doesn’t have any of the (automated) “upload” forms and such that are shown in your video.

    When I logged out and back in, the page for that user was no longer a child page, though it was still private.

    I had high hopes this would help my client (who happens to be my mom, too).

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