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  • Hey Mohamed,

    Love the plugin, thanks for all your hard work. I’m trying to customize a few things and was wondering if you could help?

    1) On the main landing page for each “List” the header puts the “Category” title but not the “List” title. Could you tell me which file/line to modify to add this in?

    2) I would like to change the text for adding a new ad (“Add a new Ad in this category”), but can’t find what file that’s in either.

    Much appreciated!


    You can customize the appearance of the main AD site by editing the
    body_tpl.php file.
    Modify the text of $lang[‘_ADDANNONCE’] = “Add a new Ad in this category”;
    in the file lang_en.php located in the folder language.

    And for the user that the GD libraries not installed (or the php do not support freeType) I’ll be able to configure the confirmation code in admin Interface in the next coming release.

    Thanks again! I did manage to modify almost everything I wanted. However I’m still stuck on modifying the breadcrumbs on the LIST pages.

    In the settings.php file at: case “vl”
    I modified the code to read: return create_public_link(“index”, array(“name”=>”Classified”)).” “.$adsInfo[‘subject’].” “.create_public_link(“classified” , array(“name”=>$adsInfo[“name”], “name”=>$adsInfo[“name”], “lid”=>$adsInfo[‘lists_id’])).” ” ;

    However I only get the link for MAIN, and no list title (as you do on the AD page).

    Any thoughts?


    I think you have problem with redirect and .htaccess file.
    (rewrite problem).
    Please mail me your site url and I will check your site

    I activated it in 2.5 and it broke the whole blog. I’d put the error message that showed up instead of my website but I already yanked the plugin. :o( Just passing it along.

    Hi Mohammad,

    We really need this plugin.

    I activated in WordPress version 2.6.1.

    I have added categories and lists but cannot see where to ad a classified? I noticed Admin User under admin and I see my acct listed as user (not Administrator). When I change to Administrator and save–it doesn’t take–looks like a permissions issue writing out the change.


    Mohammad, you’ve done a great job. Thank you. I love this plugin. A couple of suggestions though.
    1. file functions.php, line #288 I added a separator ... sified\">Main</a> | <img src=\"" .get_blog ... otherwise when you’re viewing an ad, the menu looks crammed up. Now it is Main | Current Category
    2. The bottom of the classified page where you have this RSS and Adsense thing. Adsense is blocking the Captcha and the RSS icon doesn’t break. You can sort this out by using a simple <br /> tag or place the ad-block into a <div>.
    3. As you view the ad, user.gif and cal.gif shift to and fro when you MouseOver them. Annoying! Probably a CSS issue.

    Apart from that, it is brilliant. When I make loads of dosh from it, I will no doubt consider a donation.

    @ j8h9, have you tried to create a fake user and see if he (the fake one) can post ads?

    @ those who cannot get the plugin to work, either view the readme.txt for htaccess instructions or switch away from Windows server to Unix. Why would you use Windows server anyway?

    Tankard, thanks for your feedback.
    In fact, the image was the separator. The style sheet was not correct and the images displayed at a wrong place.
    As you said, j8h9 have problem with htaccess file.The same problem as all other users. Please mail me your site url may be i can help you before you install the plugin.

    @tankard: Some people may use Windows server because that’s what their hosting service provides…. 🙁

    @cina: Thanks for writing this plug-in. I’ve mentioned elsewhere (probably on the download page for the plugin?) that I’m having one minor problem with the plug-in — the mail to friend just does nothing. I’ve tried with IE7, Firefox and Chrome with the same result: once the names, addresses and captcha are entered, the form simply reloads with a new captcha.

    I would also like it better if the function of the email response to an ad would use something form-based, rather than a mailto link, as many folks out there use some sort of web mail instead of a dedicated mail application like Outlook or Eudora.


    I’m getting a weird error.
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/s/v/v/svvtwebsite/html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 1052

    I’ve tried the fix on but nothing changes. I’ve also tried on the default theme.
    I’m using wordpress 2.6.3 and wp-classifieds 1.3.0-f
    Has anyone encountered something similar.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I get the same error when activating in wordpress 2.5.1 but everything is fine in my 2.6 blog.



    Cina, please do continue development on this plugin. I’m running WordPress on my neighborhood home owners association website, and all my site visitors (neighbors) are screaming for a Classifieds section. Right now I’m just using a forum for posting general, unorganized classifieds ads.

    The installation went very straight-forward for me (WP 2.6.X), and it was actually very easy to setup, too. I’m having a bit of trouble with customizing the appearance, but that’s just due to my limitations. I’m learning.

    The plugin is MUCH appreciated — I just wanted to post that in hopes that you’ll continue supporting it.

    Thanks again!

    Thanks for this plugin. I installed it on wp2.6.3 and everything went ok until I tried to make a post. For some reason the CAPTCHA is NOT WORKING
    and will not let me save my post. It does not matter how many times I type in the code it ALLWAY’s Gives me the error “The confirmation code didn’t matched” I did it about 20 times and I KNOW I got some, if not all of them right. Could someone please give me a heads up on how to correct this.

    I have also installed the software on the latest version of wordpress.

    I can see the page and the cats etc. But where the hell do ad a posting ????

    If it’s not that obvious, then people won’t use it

    Anyone here solved the proplem yeat or got it working or any examples that are in Engish ?

    Thanks in Advance


    Hi there,

    I really want to use this plugin, but it actually pulls down my entire blog on wpmu 2.6.5 and gives me:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …. html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 1042
    which is:
    foreach ( $array as $k => $v ) {
    if ( is_array( $v ) ) {
    $array[$k] = add_magic_quotes( $v );
    } else {
    $array[$k] = $wpdb->escape( $v );

    any ideas?

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