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  • I have installed it on WP 2.5 and it doesn’t seem to be working. I don’t see anywher for people to post listings. Am I missing something or is it just not yet compatible with WP 2.5?

    I haven’t installed it yet but wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a “back” button or link when viewing ads and categories instead of clicking the browser’s back button?


    Jeez, I sure wish the author would read this thread…

    Hi, all and thank your posts.
    -raygene you have right. I was busy with other things.
    A back and forward link is implemented and will be ready to upload this weekend.
    The version 1.0 of Plugin run on my local machine successfully with WP2.5 with the default Permalink structure.

    However, I work on the plugin every free minute to fix and keep it up to date.


    Thanks Mohmed,

    This plugin is a great idea and I sure hope you a lot of success. I’m looking forward to using it on my “Newspaper” type of site.


    Still doesn’t work for me with WP 2.5 and the updated plugin. In fact when I activate this plugin it tells me that WP2.5 is available and that I should upgrade now, even though I am running WP2.5

    Grate idea, But it is not working. There is not a single classified add plugin that is working.

    I know. I thought it would be a popular plug-in too. I guess I was wrong.

    Hmm, downloaded and installed, the page is there but there are no instructions on how to add categories (backend) and enter an ad (frontend).

    Also, why is “WordPress 2.5.1 is available! Please update now.” still there?

    Oh well, another one bites the dust…


    Go to the navigation point “wpClassified” menu in the administration area.
    There you can add categories/list.


    Exactly what I did, go to the wpClassified menu but the only panel I get is Settings and after saving the settings, nothing else.


    I finally got this to work. I had to go into phpadmin to remove the tables and then installed the latest version. You have to set up both a category and a list for it to be visible.

    Can you post what was changed in the admin.php to get this to work. I can’t seem to get it to work at all in 2.6 thanks

    Laura J


    Mohmed…Please continue to develop this plugin. It is much needed.

    **For those of you having problems with this plugin**

    1. Install and activate plugin

    2. Go into Manage — WpClassifieds — Add/Edit Categories

    3. Click on “Add Category”

    4. Categories are the MAIN sections of your classifieds. For example, Autos For Sale

    5. Now that you have a category, click on “Add List” under the Add/Edit Categories menu.

    6. Create a list and then choose its parent category.

    **Lists are your subsections on your classifieds. For example, “Trucks” would be a list whose parent category would be “Autos For Sale.”

    Unless you create lists under your categories, you won’t see a thing on your classified page.

    Make sense?

    I’m using this on 2.6 and it works perfectly. No problems. I think the problems people have come from the fact that they don’t understand Categories and Lists.

    Hope this helps!



    I was away for a couple of the days to visit pyramid Tutankhamun’s tomb in cairo.
    Now, I have added some new things to the plugin and try to get more good ideas from other classified for my plugin.
    By the way I am open for any suggestion from everyone of you.
    Thanks 😉

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