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  • Hi,
    Wp carousel has stopped working on my blog. This seems to have happened after an update.

    The settings page showed that I had 1 carousel, but I couldn’t access it’s settings (The link to Carousel 1 wasn’t there in the admin sidebar). I tried to add a new carousel and a new carousel called ‘Carousel 0’ was added, but now the settings page still shows only 1 carousel. It should show 2 since I already had an existing carousel that seems to have disappeared!

    So anyway, I tried to edit the settings for this new carousel, but when I go into the settings page for Carousel 0, I can’t make any changes! I can see the ‘category’, ‘tag’, ‘post’, ‘page’ etc headings, but there’s nothing in there except the instruction ‘Drag this item into the carousel to add posts from a specific…’.

    I read on your forums that this problem may happen if the blog has a large number of posts. My blog has quite a large number of posts – could this be the reason?

    I need this sorted out urgently!


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  • Plugin Author sumolari


    How many posts have your blog? I need this number in order to make WP Carousel avoid loading the entire list when users have a lot of posts, but anyone tell me how many posts they have, so I can’t fix this.

    In WP Carousel 1.0 Beta you can disable the Posts box, the box which usually gives problems, by editing a line in wp-carousel.php.

    Hi ,
    I’ve a problem with wp carousel .. the images are not scrolling
    url : — there is a section for ‘Fashion locator’
    wordpress version :WordPress 3.3.
    wp-carousel : latest version, downloaded today and installed again.

    i couldnt find any javascript errors or so..
    the images are added using the ‘Customized content’

    can anyone please help me?

    Plugin Author sumolari


    Do you have in footer.php of your WordPress theme the following code?

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    And in header.php:

    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    WP Carousel uses those functions to add its Javascript code.

    you are awesome dude … the footer function was missing…thanks a lot for the help…
    cheers 🙂

    Sumolari, I’ve upgraded to WP Carousel 1.1. Unfortunately my previous customization was all done in StepCarousel. I understand that there was a licensing conflict and now that only jCarousel can be used. That’s fine, I can re-apply my customization I believe.

    However, the problem that I’m having appears to be a jQuery conflict between WP UI (I use tabs) and/or TheThe Sliding Panels with WP Carousel. I do have wp_head() in my header and wp_footer() in my footer at

    Google Chrome is to display the TheThe Sliding Panel on the right edge of the screen, BUT the WP Carousel does not display correctly once the panel is open. (click the BVI, which is a WP UI tab on the above link to see that only the LAST two posts in that Carousel which contains about 20 posts are displaying, and the next/previous Clear Slider buttons don’t function)

    In IE and FF, the TheThe Sliding Panel does not appear at all (all the content goes to the bottom of the page), but the WP Carousel (which goes down to the bottom of the page since there is no right panel) DOES slide on the BVI tab with the next/previous Clear Slider buttons.

    I know that there is more in place than just your plugin on this, but would you have an idea of what is likely causing the conflict here?

    Plugin Author sumolari


    Sorry netmansam, but I don’t understand what you mean.

    I’ve checked your page and the first tab (BVI) worked without problems. It should have a lower width, but nothing you can not fix with some CSS (in fact I’ve fixed it with Firebug, it is just using a lower width and a higher height for the carousels).

    The other tabs use StepCarousel. As soon as you use Jcarousel, they should work.

    In Chrome, I don’t know why, but #thetheRightPanel’s display is set to none.

    This is what I see in Firefox:
    This is what I see after some modifications with Firebug:
    This is what I see in Chrome after removing display:none:

    The problem is that there are 3 containers:
    1. There is the WPCarousel
    2. The carousels are inside each of the five tabs (BVI, St. Martin, etc) – these work fine
    3. However, the #thetheRightPanel is supposed to be on the right edge of the screen – NOT at the bottom of the page where all the tabs are currently going. The thetheRightPanel is conflicting with WP-Carousel and I don’t know how to fix. #thetheRightPanel is correctly set to display:none, as it is supposed to only show a tab (that should say YACHTS) on the right edge of the screen. #thetheRightPanel contents should slide out from the right side of the screen when the tab is clicked upon. If I disable WP-Carousel, the tab DOES display correctly on the right side of the screen, then the div slides out and the five WP UI island tabs (BVI, St Martin, etc) ARE all there, but since I’ve disabled WP-Carousel in order to get the tab to work, no carousels are there.

    Is there anything you can see that will allow me to use the TheTheSlidingPanels and WP-Carousel at the same time?

    Here are screenshots:

    A. Google Chrome correctly displays the Tab,

    B. Google Chrome allows the tab to be opened on click, BUT WP-Carousel does not work:

    C. FireFox allows WP-Carousel to work, but there is no tab on the right, and no panel, instead all content displays at the end of the page:

    Not only is WP-Carousel incompatible with WP UI tabs, it appears that WP-Carousel is incompatible with ALL WordPress tab plugins when TheThe Sliding Panels are also in the mix (Note that WP-Carousel and TheThe Sliding Panels DO work fine together, but adding any tab plugin breaks everything).
    I have tried to implement the above WP-Carousel configuration with:
    GT Tabs
    Quick Tabs
    Tabber Tabs Widget
    WordPress Post Tabs
    WordPress Tabs Slides
    WP UI – Tabs, accordions and more

    New bug – now on page load, I get:

    Error: jCarousel: No width/height set for items. This will cause an infinite loop. Aborting…

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