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    I can’t get the tag {events_calendar} to work at all. I have spent about 3 hours digging through other posts on here and haven’t had any luck.

    I am not very experienced with js so any help would be appreciated.

    My Events Page

    By the way, I keep finding that tag spelled differently all over the place. Is it supposed to have an ‘s’ or not???

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  • Plugin Author faebu


    as far as i can see the main jquery library is not loaded. pleas check in the WP Calendar settings, if the option Loading of jQuery libray (Global settings) ist activated.

    If it is activated, jQuery might be disabled by another plug-in please deactivate them and test again.

    Plugin Author faebu


    tags aren’t spelled different all over the place. when the tag is supposed to process multiple event, there is an es (e.g. {events_calendar} or {events_print}).
    when a tag is just intended to handle an information for a single event, it’s without an s (e.g. {event_subject}).



    Thank you for the super fast reply.

    Your suggestion of Deactivating plug ins worked. Found that the plugin “Custom Contact Forms” was effecting it.

    It has a setting to enable JQuery and by default it is turned on. As soon as I disabled that, everything worked, including the custom forms plugin.

    Also, thanks for the explanation on the spelling. That makes total sense, I just didn’t catch it if it is in the documentation.

    One last question. What is the best way to control the stylesheet for the calendar. Is there documentation on that somewhere? you have this beautiful blue calendar in your screen shots, but my .css seems to be overriding those settings.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author faebu


    see the the last question in the FAQ. You can copy the original fullcalendar.css file and modify it within you theme directory, so it will be upgrade-save.


    how can i print events for 2011

    i d like to use shortcutd {events_print} and restrict it for 1 1 2011 – 31 12 2011

    many thanks!!!!!!



    I got side tracked from this project, so it’s been a while since I posted something.

    I have copied the full file called fullcalendar.css from the plugin directory to my theme folder, “Weaver” and I still don’t seem to get it to load the calendar like I see in your examples.

    Any suggestions to troubleshoot why it’s not loading that .css page?


    well i see calendar is working on your site



    I see what you are trying to do, but I don’t think what I have set up will resolve the date range issue for you. There are a lot of parameters you can pass into the module, but I am not very familiar with them yet. Still learning. I wish the contributors site was in English. I bet it answer those questions.

    Code from my Events Detail page:

    Event: {event_subject}

    Location: {event_location}
    Start Date: {event_startdate; fmt=M jS}, {event_starttime; fmt=g:i a; hideifallday=y}
    {event_enddate; fmt=M jS; alwaysshowenddate=n; before=Ending Date:}, {event_endtime; fmt=g:i a; alwaysshowenddate=y; hideifallday=z}

    Code from my Events Page:


    fonund it on the website

    {events_print; datefrom=1293861600; dateend=1325397600}

    this uses time stamp format and this is the converter

    this 1325397600 should end my list in 01 01 2012 but i still get events for 2012.. weird…

    this is interesting

    { events_print; number=50; datefrom=1230789600; dateend=1262325599; datemode=1; categories=30,31; author=3; exclude=923,544; orderby=subject }

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