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    I am running WordPress 3.4.2 with Multi-Sites (SubDirectory). I have successfully installed and activated this plugin. I have also successfully created a category, forums, and a topic for testing. The problem lies when I attempt to view the forums. The forum page will load up appropriately, but when I attempt to actually enter the forums, I get this message:

    You do not have the required permissions to access this forum!

    Now, I noticed that when I modify wp-bulletin-board/php/wpbb-view-forum.php on line 9 and comment out the following:

    // Third parameter is 'view' by default
    	$view_permissions = wpbb_user_has_permission($user_id, $forum);
    	if ($view_permissions === false) {
    		wpbb_goback1('forum-index', NULL);
    		<div class="wpbb-message-failure">
    			<?php _e('You do not have the required permissions to view this forum!', 'wp-bb'); ?>

    The forum loads properly. However, when I actually click on the topic, it gives me the same message. I know I could modify the view-topic code in the same manner as the view-forum code above and allow all users to bypass the permission system, but I don’t want to do that. I like the permissions system.

    Is this plugin not compatible with the Multi-Site system?

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  • Plugin Author codebycarter


    I’ve not written any code that is multi site specific and haven’t tested the plugin in a multi site environment so although some things may work I wouldn’t recommend running it.

    That said you shouldn’t have to edit any code to do stuff like that. You can set/change the permissions for all roles (including custom roles) when creating/editing a forum/sub forum (I assumed you’ve already done that in which case it is an issue with multisite)

    I may delay the next update and test this on multi site and “officially” have it supported, will see what I can do. Thank you for reporting this, will mark this as resolved for now but feel free to open another topic at any time.

    Hi I’m new to wordpress and wpbb, I’m having the exact same problem, plugin installed fine, set up category and forum, created a topic but when I visit the forum and click on the topic I get
    “You do not have the required permissions to view this forum!”
    I have given all permissions to all roles and still have the same problem and I’m not running multisites.
    My website
    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    Plugin Author codebycarter


    Hey empire592149,

    Did you get it working? I registered at your website and can view the topic in question.

    Hi thanks very much for the extremely quick reply.I’m sorry if i have repeated my post but I realized that this was a ‘resolved’ item and was’nt sure if it would get looked at again.
    I have just made up a new user and your right I can view the topic, however I still can’t view it with the users that were registered before I installed the plugin, including me the administrator. I could try re- registering myself and the other users as I really would like to keep WPBB, I’ve tried no end of plugins and this one for a beginner has been great, not overdone yet still very effective, and easy to understand.
    Can you suggest any other way of correcting the problem before I attempt re-registering my members.
    Thanks again

    Thanks for the response. I am aware that I do not need to make modifications to the code for proper permission configuration, however I could not access the created forums with my administrator account nor while logged out. If you could look further into this issue I’d greatly appreciate it. I currently do not consider the case as resolved if it doesn’t support Multi-Sites, but it seems as if Angela(empire592149) is having the same issue without using Multi-Sites.

    Plugin Author codebycarter


    Do either of you have any other plugins installed that may be interfering with the plugin? When you view one of your users profiles, what role are they set to and what roles are available to you? When you create or edit a forum/sub forum, are those same roles also available and if so are they ticked as necessary?

    To save you waiting any longer please also take any screenshots if you can or if possible create me a temporary admin account and email me the details (


    codebycarter, I have re-enabled wpBB on my website. I will e-mail you your username and password along with my site’s login page. This problem still persists, and there are no conflicting plugins. However, my site is on a MultiSite Network

    Plugin Author codebycarter


    Thanks for that I did login and indeed have trouble viewing a topic when I should have access to it, very odd. Still looking into this issue and awaiting replies from other people about this as one persons website I looked at worked fine for me (one other question was why they couldn’t view locked topics when they didn’t have locked permission) so excluding multisite it may be down to user misunderstanding of how it works.

    Will be releasing an update tomorrow and will then make it my priority to make it compatible with multisite.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Thank you for your prompt responses and quality support!

    Hello codebycarter,

    Firstly, let me thank you, that I finally found a perfect plugin. I installed it and it was perfect. It is great that my members can write reply in the same page with TinyMCE like me in wordpress. And I like that the forum is able to organize according to my page width.

    But I have also the same problem as previous people mentioned. I cannot access to my forum as an administrator. It writes “You do not have the required permissions to access this forum! “.

    Are you able to solve it, because definitely I would like to use your plugin on my website.

    Thank you.

    I wanted to add that I registered as a member (in my case subscriber) and added for it the same permisions as administrator(me) except “lock” and it has functionality. As subscriber I can create topic, view the forum and everything.

    It is rely interesting that administrator is denied and member not.

    There must me any error….

    I hope that it will be solved because this is a very good plugin :))

    Plugin Author codebycarter


    Hey heidy7,

    Will be releasing an update tomorrow that fixes this issue, I already know what is causing it and managed to fix it for somebody already just need to make sure it is the same thing on somebody else’s site before releasing it and of course making sure everything else that has been fixed / added works as it should.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Hello codebycarter,

    Thank you for your time and help.

    I just wanted to add new news. I tried to fix this problem by myself and I have found this solution. It is definitely temporaly, but it helps for those who want to have access to their forum. I try to describe it step by step in my case.

    1. with my admin I can create forums, topics, subforums and other staff in my dashboard, but I cannot it access on my website in spite of the fact I ticked in permissions all except lock.

    2. Therefore I registered as a subscriber on my website and I can view under other name my forum and topics. But interesting is that my subscriber account has in permissions (view, read, post, reply and sticky). And when I login under this subscriber account I can also edit, but only my topics what is goood, in spite of fact I did not tick this permission. Thanks to the God, I cannot edit other posts!!! Also what is bad is that if I tick delete and lock permissions, I can also delete and lock other topics, what will be not good. If it would be possible it would be great to add to delete and lock only my post not others…

    3. I was also trying to create new role which could has the same capabilities as administrator – me, but it denied me my permissions to the forum – strange…

    4. I also created new role super admin and registered as subscriber and afterthat tried to change it to super admin, and it also did not give me any acccess to the forum.

    – If I can add what would be great to add on this plugin, if members could add except of topics, also maybe forums, subforums, categories…
    – upload their avatar
    – isn`t it possible to change fonts and colors of forums according to the theme? I know that there are 2 options: dark and light, but in many case more themes will need more changes…

    Thank you once again for your help and I hope that this explanation helps.

    And a 1 thing more. Now I have found that member who created an account in my case subscriber cannot upload photo and it was before possible. That icon which is on the left up corner when you open the wordpress page and is located above writing panel is not there any more…when I click to create new topic or reply….

    Plugin Author codebycarter


    – WPBB doesn’t and never has offered the ability to upload avatars I’m afraid. It just relies on WordPress to display the avatar for that user if one exists. I had used a plugin for the avatars but now after viewing it on the WordPress plugin directory I can see it hasn’t been updated in over a year so I won’t include a link for it. Still there are many avatar plugins out there. May add this in a future version however!

    – There will be some kind of “theme editor” for WPBB available in the dashboard in the future.

    – The “moderator links” e.g. edit, lock, delete etc should only now be displayed if you have permissions to do the action e.g. “delete” appears if you have delete permissions within that forum/subforum/topic/post etc!

    – Will be adding extra permissions for roles like you suggested, e.g. “can this user edit their own posts”? but still thinking about the best way to approach this without making all the settings overwhelming.

    – New permissions like move will be added. I do like your idea of allowing users to create their own forums, categories etc without giving them access to the administration dashboard. May add this as an individual plugin as not everyone may want this but who knows.

    Thanks for your suggestions, keep ’em coming! 🙂

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