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[Resolved] [Plugin: WP Biographia] WYSIWYG Editor Buttons Missing in WP 3.3

  • Here’s a screenshot of what our WYSIWYG Editor Buttons look like now after updating to WP 3.3.

    It appears as though the buttons are not rendering correctly, as some tooltips do pop-up when moused over, but no buttons appear as they should (and have in the past (WP 3.2.1)).

    Is there a known fix we can implement until an updated version of the Plugin is released?


    -Brian & WR


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  • Plugin Author vicchi


    I’m running WP v3.3 as well as WP Biographia v2.0 on several of my blogs and I haven’t seen this.

    OK … a couple of obvious questions first?

    • Have you tried emptying your browser cache and reloading the page?
    • Have you tried disabling all plugins, including WP Biographia, to see if this occurs?
    • Have you tried selectively re-enabling plugins to see when this occurs?

    I can’t think off of the top of my head how WP Biographia might be the cause; the interaction with the Dashboard is kept to plugin’s settings page; there’s no actions and/or filters that I know of that would interfere with the WYSIWG editor …

    @vicchi, thank you for your prompt reply!

    1) this is taking place in multiple browsers / computers and yes, the cache has been cleared.

    2) No — will try.

    3) No — will try.

    Will report back shortly.


    -Brian & WR

    Plugin Author vicchi


    Two others things …

    1) It’s always worth reverting to a stock theme, such as Twenty Ten, to make sure that there’s no oddness in the theme or in the theme’s functions.php. Just as plugins don’t always play well together so it is with themes.

    2) If you want to take this discussion offline, feel free to drop me an email instead to gary [at] vicchi [dot] org.

    Plugin Author vicchi


    It’s also worth checking for browser errors in Firefox using Firebug, or Safari’s developer mode as well as checking your web server error log and enabling PHP error logging (if your web host allows this).


    2 / 3) Disabling WP Biographia did not work. Disabling the plugin ‘People Lists‘ removed this area entirely, so I’m assuming that WP Biographia does not control this part of the user account in our setup.

    We’ve posted a separate thread in regards to People Lists in hope that the developer will be of assistance.

    Many Thanks for your prompt reply and attention!

    -Brian & WR

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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