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    Hi there, I love this plugin 😀 looks very good In my theme but I have this author archives page in which you see all posts by that user.
    I put the shortcode because I want the bio to show on top and posts below, but every post has the bio so…. please please, how can I add the option of author archives page to the display settings? or you know, just find the line where the exclusions are 😀

    you can check the page here:


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    I’m not 100% sure but I think what you’re asking is something along the lines of “if I enable the Biography Box to be displayed on archive pages, how can I turn it off for author archives but not for other archives (category/tag/etc)” … ?

    Is that right?

    If it is, then at the moment it isn’t possible. I can look at putting this as a feature request for the next version of the plugin but at the moment WP Biographia doesn’t differentiate between the different types of archive pages.


    Actually, I turn off the bio in archive pages, but I inserted the php code above all in author archives (bio has no option about it) I want to display the bio on top of all archives but remove it from every post.

    If I understand ikosweb correctly, this is the same sort of thing that I want to do too. I have a URL for a particular author’s archive. It lists all of that author’s posts. If I enable WP Biographia author’s block on archive pages, then I get the author’s block after (or before depending on setting) *every* post. So, for a page full of post excerpts, the majority of the page is repeated author bio data.

    What I want to do instead is to use the WP Biographia author’s block & have it appear once at the top of the archive page for that author, as a sort of introduction for the author and NOT have it repeat for each post.

    ikosweb – could you explain a little more in what you patched in the PHP, b/c I would like to do the same thing.

    But, this does seem like a great enhancement to the plugin, if this were an option.

    Plugin Author vicchi


    Hi …

    The latest version of the plugin does allow you to tailor the display of the Biography Box for the different sort of archive pages (author, date, tag, category, etc) but you’ll still get the Biography Box for each post on an archive page.

    If you want to display the Biography Box solely on an author’s archive page then this isn’t something that the plugin can do as this is under the control of the theme’s templates and not the plugin.

    You could disable author archive display within the plugin’s settings and options and then put a call to do_shortcode ("[wp-biographia"] in the theme’s author template file, if one exists (not all themes have this) which would, I think, let you get to where you want to be.


    Plugin Author vicchi



    I want to display the bio on top of all archives but remove it from every post.

    That will prove interesting to achieve. For an author archive you can guarantee that all posts in the archive will be for a single author, but for other types of archive you can’t make that assumption as the plugin can’t know whether you have a single author on your site or multiple ones and what the content of the page actually is. There is a work-around this …

    I’d suggest adding some code to your theme’s template files that basically iterates through the WordPress Loop, stores each author’s login ID, and then uses the do_shortcode call I mention above, once for each author, specifying the author’s login ID in the shortcode.

    But again, as I mentioned above, this is the territory of a theme’s template files and not something that the plugin can do, although I’d love to be able to support it natively it’s just not part of the WordPress architecture.

    Having said that, I can see the use for making some theme template functions in a future release that does this sort of thing, that way you can use a single line of PHP in your template file and not a whole lot of code iterating over the Loop. This would come with the caveat that you’d have to iterate over the Loop twice, once for the plugin to see which authors have posts/pages being displayed and then again for the template file to actually display the posts/pages. This could have an impact on your site’s performance.


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